10 Different Types Of Thong Underwear

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byCarole/ 28 Mar 2021

10 Different Types Of Thong Underwear

Thongs are a popular choice of underwear for many girls and women. The history of the thongs can be traced to exotic dancers who would mix and match their thongs with various accessories to entice the crowd. However, in recent times the fairer sex has taken to thongs mainly because of the comfort they bring to the wearer.

Typically, thongs are meant to be worn high on the hips. The bottom is left more or less exposed. This is one reason that thongs are crudely referred to as ‘butt floss’. Due to their positioning on the butt they are uncomfortable to wear in the beginning. However, the discomfort can be greatly reduced by choosing the right kind of thongs and in the right fabric.

Why Are Thongs Worn?

Not all women are fond of wearing thongs because they don’t offer much support or coverage. But they still remain a popular choice of lingerie because they hide the embarrassing panty lines under tight dresses and pants. They make for a sexy piece of lingerie irrespective of the material they are prepared from. You can team them with a pair of ganjis or a sheer camisole to make the ultimate sleep wear for hot, summery nights. You can match them with lacy bras to make a seductive pair of lingerie. You can make a bold fashion statement by wearing high-rise thongs with low-waist jeans.

Types Of Styles In Thongs

Thongs are often thought in terms of only jockey. However, there are many varieties to thongs as well.


The misnomer ‘butt floss’ is actually meant for G-string type of thongs. The thongs are typically nothing more than a small triangle in the front attached to small pieces of strings that go around the hips and in between the butts.

Chip G String

This type of thong is even smaller than a G-string. It has a very tiny, low-cut piece of triangular fabric in the front.

Micro G String

This thong holds the world record in being the tiniest thong ever. It is the smallest version of G-string and can be worn only after getting a neat bikini waxing done.

Half Back

This thong is ideal for those who need more coverage than a G-string can provide them.

Micro Thong

This is a classier version of G-string thong with low cut panels both in the front and at the back.

Quick Release Thong

This thong comes with side clips that allow you easy and faster exit than traditional panties. The thong is mainly used in strip clubs by exotic dancers.

SJ Thong

The thong resembles a jockey except for the strings that are more like those on the G-string thongs.


T-backs give you more coverage than any other type of thong. The piece of fabric attached at the back resembles the shape of letter T.


This style of thongs is very similar to T-back except for the straps given at the sides that ride high on the hips.


The thong is designed to expose only a part of the butt; they hide the rest.