10 Drinks That Make You Want To Freeze Your Cocktail

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byCarole/ 18 Aug 2019

10 Drinks That Make You Want To Freeze Your Cocktail

There are some drinks that are best tasted frozen. These are ideally cocktails that you would love to sip in frozen forms simply because they taste more awesome like that. Here are some classic recipes that have been twisted along with some new recipe ideas so that you can freeze your cocktails and make the most of a summer night. So go ahead and serve these frozen cocktails and drinks-

10 Drinks That Make You Want To Freeze Your Cocktail

Raspberry Tequila

For this recipe you need to mix together 1 1/2 ounces Tequila el Jimador Reposado, half a bottle of Sprite, 2 ounces sour mix, some Tabasco and 1/2 ounce Chambord. Now take a cocktail shaker and add lots of ice to it. You have to shake it well and you can then blend it lightly too. Freeze well before serving.

Jalapeño Mango Delight

This is a quick version of a margarita but tastes awesome when frozen. For this you need some jalapeno slices, agave nectar or even some honey. Then gets lots of ice and throw in a splash of tequila. Now mix all of these ingredients well and blend with ice. Serve with salt covered rim glasses.

Frozen Cilantro

Take a glass and throw in roughly chopped cilantro or coriander. Now also add two sliced jalapenos along with some fresh lime juice and any syrup of your choice like blueberry. Then add about 1 ounce of Cointreau to it along with tequila of your choice. Crush ice in a glass and pour this over.

Berry Margarita

Mix together 1 ounce of Cointreau, 1 1/2 ounces of tequila, some orange juice, crushed berries of your choice and a dash of sugar. You can whip this in an ice cream maker to serve it like a sorbet. Or just freeze it right till serving and then serve it out like a granita cocktail.

Orange Margarita

Take any orange liquor of your choice, about 1 ounce should do. Now take double that quantity of a tequila of your choice. Then mix together with some fresh orange juice. Shake it well and then freeze it before serving. You can also service in forms of frozen cubes that gradually melts.

Frozen Sangria

For the frozen sangria you will need about 2 pints of Talenti Sorbetto, which has awesome flavors of both blood orange along with raspberry. Take a spoon of lime juice along with a bit of dry red wine. You can add crushed berries to the same if you want. Now you have to blend all of these ingredients well so that it becomes like a thick sangria texture. Else add more ice and berries. You should lay them out in glasses and let them stay in the freezer and don’t take it out until right before you serve.

Frozen Chocolaty Jack Daniels

This one is really classic because you get the flavor of Jack Daniels along with the aroma of coffee and the goodness of Kalhua. It can be replaced for a dessert too. For making this recipe, you need about 2 cups of ice. Take 1/4 cup of espresso coffee or any black coffee. 1/4th cup of Kahlua is needed along with some Irish whiskey and of course vanilla ice cream. To make this drink, blend all of the ingredients together. Before serving, lay out some dark chocolate chips in the glass and pour the drink over.

Whiskey Slush

Nothing like the goodness of a slush when you are feeling low on a hot day. This drink is perfect to pep you up and makes you want to just freeze more. For this you will need cans of cold Coca-Cola or any other form of cola. Diet versions are ok with the recipe too. Take some limeade along with a chilled whiskey of your choice. Then you have to mix together the cola with limade and the whiskey. You can also add some bourbon if you want. Let the mixture freeze before serving.

Pineapple Gin

Take about 6 oz. gin and mix it with some sugar syrup, lime juice and about 1 oz. of fresh or even canned pineapple juice. If the pineapple is fresh, taste it to make sure that it is not sour. Now take a blender and crush some ice in it. Next mix all of the liquid ingredients well. Serve the drink over lots of crushed ice or even freeze the same in a bag. Then crush it using a rolling pink and put into the glass.

Boozy Strawberry

Mix together about 1/2 cup sugar, strawberries, lemon juice and 3/4th cup vodka along with 1/3 cup Cointreau liqueur. Mix all of the ingredients together with lots of crushed ice. Then serve it frozen with some sliced strawberries on top.