13 Spiked Lemonades You Need To Make This Summer

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byCarole/ 27 Oct 2019

13 Spiked Lemonades You Need To Make This Summer

Although, craft cocktails tend to be tasty but it takes huge time to be prepared. Large number of ingredients needs to be added into it so they are not at all easy to prepare in large batches. If you are planning for a summer picnic and mixing something tasty then you need to keep it simple. Mix 1.5 ounces of ounces of vodka to ounces of lemonade. This is surely going to be a super hit in this summer day.

In This Article We Shall Study 13 Different Spiked Lemonade Flavors

Sweet Tea Vodka Lemonade Mojitos

Enjoy this mojitos by just sitting in your lawn chair and sipping some spiked sweet tea right under the bright sun. It sounds really too amazing.

Pineapple Lemonade Sangria

This drink comprises of all the necessary fruits as well as juice so that this sweet sangria can become a requirement at every shindig.

Honey-Bourbon Lemonade

You need to add honey as well as whiskey in this cocktail and garnish this fresh drink with some super cool herbs that offers it a fresh dimension.

Sparkling Spiked Peach Lemonade

You need to add peaches, lemonade as well as vodka in order to prepare this summer party drink. This drink is perfect when the heat rises up and you are in need to chill down.

White Wine Strawberry Lemonade

The ingredients added in this sangria tends to offer this drink a crisp taste which is a bit bitter but it’s actually naturally sweet and tasty. You would love this drink as it will refresh the mind and make your day better than ever before. It shall relax you during hot summers and make you chill down.

Tequila Blackberry Lemonade

Blackberries are quite refreshing for the mind and body. The addition of tequila makes this delicious drink quite pleasant and scrumptious.

Spiked Blueberry Lemonade

This cocktail is adequate and demanding by the mimosa lovers. Those people getting ready for outdoors or arranging a small party with family or friends can actually discover this recipe as it is an tasty treat. In order to prepare this recipe you need to add 1 part of champagne with 1 part of blueberry lemonade. While serving, just garnish it with fresh blueberries.

Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade

One of the easiest ways to make the cocktail interesting is by adding some bubbly. Get a bottle of prosecco which is actually less costly in comparison to champagne. Make use of it in place of mineral water and add in Sparkling Raspberry Lemonade recipe.

Lemonade And Orange Spritzer

Those people lacking Vitamin C will find this cocktail quite beneficial. Add some sparkling wine instead of sparkling soda in this recipe. Add some drops of citrus flavored vodka in order to give it a pleasant taste. Additions of orange in any cocktail can actually enhance the taste and make you feel refreshing. This lemonade is perfect for any kind of summer parties.

Raspberry Beer Lemonade

All the recipes above make use of vodka or spirit as a base. However, in this recipe you can be little different and blend some raspberry, lemonade as well as beer. It might sound non-traditional but at times going out of the box can also assist in impressing the guest to certain extend. It’s actually best for summers as it shall cooling properties.

Ginger Lemonade

Ginger lovers would love this lemonade that actually makes use of the root. In order to prepare it, you need to mix a few ounce of vodka or you can pick a bottle of Domaine de Canton, a ginger liqueur. You can enjoy any party if you have included this drink in your menu.

Spiked Arnold Palmer

In this palmer you find half of lemonade as well as half of iced tea. Now add your favorite vodka into it to make the party more interesting. In order to make a big batch for a party, you just need to pick up special flavored vodka such as Belvedere’s Lemon Tea which will create an amazing environment for a party.

Watermelon Kiwi Lemonade

For a exotic spiked lemonade, pick some kiwi. This particular fruit has its combination with watermelon. Watermelon as well as kiwi goes better with a shot of vodka. Watermelon is considered to be the best fruit that can be consumed during summers. It is quite beneficial for the body as it can assist in increasing the level of water in the body. If you do not like to consume kiwi lemonade alone, mixing some watermelon can add to the taste.