15 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Whiskey

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byCarole/ 21 Jul 2019

15 Fantastic Health Benefits Of Whiskey

Alcoholics are not looked at respectfully in our society but drinking wine, rum whiskey is a way of life for many. Whiskey is prepared by distillation of grains like wheat, rye, barley, corn etc.Depending on the grain used in the preparation and the ageing and storage the flavor and the price tag will vary for different brands. But whiskey is not just for alcoholics; it is for normal people as well because it has several health benefits which can prove to be beneficial to all of us. But before listing down the health benefits of whiskey one very important word of caution is that alcoholism is injurious to health and you can even risk your life by indulging in heavy alcoholism and whiskey is alcohol.

These Are Fantastic Health Benefits Of Whiskey

Gives A Healthy Heart

Whiskey has antioxidants which prevent the formation of cholesterol layers on the inner lining of the blood vessels and it also boosts the amount of good cholesterol. Whiskey also has blood thinning properties thus it prevents the formation of blood clots in the blood vessels. Also it is believed to prevent the weakening of the cardiovascular system as one grows old. All these properties of whiskey prevent the risk of heart attack and keep the heart healthy.

Keeps Diabetes Under Control

It has been found that reasonable quantity of whiskey helps in controlling the blood glucose levels and also helps maintain the desired insulin levels which in turn helps control diabetes.

Keeps A Check On Your Weight

Unlike beer which gives you beer belly; whiskey can actually keep your weight in control. It has no fat and the carbohydrates and calories and in moderate amounts. It has very little of sodium and the sugars present are in simple forms which are consumed easily. Thus whiskey helps keep weight under control as compared to other alcoholic beverages.

Prevents Alzheimer’s Disease And Dementia

Drinking whiskey is found to help the nervous system especially in the old age and has been found to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and improve brain functioning.

Prevents Cancer

Whiskey has an important antioxidant ellagic acid which helps remove toxic substances formed as a result of metabolism .It also prevents the formation of carcinogens .Hence contributes in preventing cancer. It is also known to protect the body from the harmful side effects of chemotherapy.

Helps Prevent Stress

Whiskey has a calming effect on the nerves and relaxes them. As a result it helps prevent stress and anxiety and keeps the mind and body free from strain and pressures.

Improves Digestion

Whiskey not only reduces appetite thereby preventing over eating it is also known to improve digestion especially after you have treated your stomach with a royal meal. It prevents the occurrence of stomach ache and stomach upset.

Beneficial Against Cold

Whiskey is found to be very useful in preventing allergies like cold and fever. Take a small amount of whiskey .To it add hot water and a little lemon juice. Have the mixture to get relief from cold by acting as a decongestant

mproves The Body’s Immunity

Whiskey has several important anti oxidants and vitamins which improve the immune power of the body thereby enabling our body to fight diseases better.

Good For Your Wounds

It is believed that applying whiskey to your wounds can actually prove to be beneficial as it prevents the wound from getting infected. However it is better to seek doctor’s advice in this case.

Increases Life

The various antioxidants present in whiskey is believed to give it this amazing power of increasing the life of a person.

Helps Cure Sore Throat

Mixing whiskey with honey can be a very god home remedy for the sore throat. Whiskey has alcohol which acts as an antiseptic and as an analgesic and gives relief from sore throat. You can use this mixture either as a gargle or as syrup.

Prevents Ageing

The antioxidants present in whiskey helps to keep the signs of ageing at a distance and help you look young and beautiful for a longer period.

Good For Insomnia

Whiskey can act as a sedative and induce sleep. It can therefore be used in moderate amounts for insomnia patients.

Instant Energy Booster

The carbohydrates present in whiskey are in the form of simple sugars which can be easily digested and hence release energy instantly; thus pepping up the energy quotient of the person instantly.

Whiskey thus has several health benefits but only when consumed in moderate quantities. So alcoholics don’t drool by thinking that now you can over indulge and yes doctor’s advice is a must before using it for any health related issues.