5 Fantastic Beverage Recipes For This Summer

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byCarole/ 29 Apr 2018

5 Fantastic Beverage Recipes For This Summer

Summers have approached and so has the thirst that keeps us browsing for a suitable drink to fight external heat. While there is nothing like fresh water, a number of customized drinks can help survive summers with ensuring good health as well. Check out some cool beverage recipes you must try these summers.

Beverage Recipes For This Summer

Chilled Lemonade

Put the number of serving glasses in the freezer. Put together 1 lemon, few mint leaves, ½ cup sugar and mineral water in a large bowl. Now empty the bowl in the blender container and start blending the ingredients. Continue blending until the mixture becomes thick. Depending upon personalised choice take some Vodka or any other syrup and put them in equal quantities in the glasses left in the freezer. Pour the blended mixture in each glass carefully. Drop a few ice cubes if required. Straw won’t be of much use here. You may change the quantity of ingredients used according to taste.

Milk Frappes

Frappes are the blended form of liquids with shaved ice. Milk frappes can be prepared with a diverse range of flavours and additives. Get some Bananas (preferably 2) and cut them into smaller pieces. Prepare a cup of Sugar, some shaved ice (You may need a separate machine for that) and half a jar of milk. Blend the Bananas with the milk and sugar as we do while preparing regular Milk shake. Now put some shaved ice in glasses and pour the thick mixture blended on each of them. Best when served chilled. You may use other fruits such as strawberries, Papayas and even chocolate syrups instead of Bananas. Milk Frappes are the most asked for beverages in cafes and resorts.

Lemon Honey

Lemon water is the most extensively consumed summer beverage worldwide. It serves a lot of health benefits and keeps your body protected from penetrating heat. Lemon water prepared in a specific way with honey can serve as an exotic beverage in summers. Take some chilled water (Half glass) and squeeze one full lemon into it. No, we will not add sugar to it. Take a tablespoon of honey and add it to the mixture. Drink it in the morning when you woke up.

Agua Fresca (Fruit Water!)

Extensively consumed in Mexican countries, Agua Fresca is a healthy beverage for summers. Prepare a bowl of fruit such as berries or Papayas, a cup of chilled water, Ginger strips, lime juice and mint leaves. Blend the water, ginger strips, mint leaves and fruit pieces thoroughly for 5 minutes. Now pour some lime juice in each glass with equal proportions of the blended juice. Straw can be used with this beverage. You may also add little salt for taste.

Black Ice Tea

Ice teas are magical beverages complementing the tastes of both alcohol lovers and others. Get 5 bags of Ice tea, a pinch of baking soda, 2 pieces of lemons, sugar bowl, 6 cups of cool water, 2 cups of boiling water and some mint leaves. Get some Vodka and White Rum to prepare a cocktail. Put the tea bags in boiling water and cover with lid. Allow them to steep for a few minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the lid and add some sugar and crushed mint leaves to the mixture. Now place the mixture in a freezer to cool. Squeeze some lemon onto the cold mixture and add vodka or rum according to taste. It serves as a great party drink.