5 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipe Under 150 Calories

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byCarole/ 14 Apr 2019

5 Low Calorie Cocktail Recipe Under 150 Calories

Firstly, consumption of alcohol is not really good for the overall health of a person due to the fact that it causes a lot of issues which affects the liver, stomach, heart functioning apart from wrecking havoc on the weight loss and weight maintenance department as well! It has been seen that alcohol reduces the fat metabolism in a human body by about seventy three percent and thus affects the weight issues to a great extent. And, things gets worse when one chooses to add sugar elements to their drink which is not only bad for the health but also worse for someone who is trying to lose weight to keep fit as well. Unfortunately, however much one says, staying away from alcohol at parties is really not possible, but it is great to keep knowledge about the drinks which contain fewer calories and drink in moderate amounts too. Mostly in parties these days, it is all about cocktails and thus it is important to check on which kind of cocktail one are having and the ingredients going into making it in order to be sure of the calories it may contain. To make matters easy, discussed below are some of the low calorie cocktail drink recipes less than 150 calories limit.

These Are Low Calorie Cocktail Recipe Under 150 Calories

Rum Or Vodka Cocktail

To start off with, this cocktail is the easiest to prepare and can be made by taking either rum or vodka, whichever if the favorite! This can be made by adding either rum or vodka and add club soda and lime added with lots of ice cubes. This one boasts of a zero fat cocktail with just about 75 calories to add to the waistline!!

Apple Cider Sangria

Another great cocktail mix which just about squeezes into this 150 calorie cocktail category is made up of apple cider and sangria (red wine mixed with lemonade, fruits and spices of choice)! This drink can be spiced up more by preparing ice cubes made up of apple cider which help in making the drink more interesting and satisfying for the guests as well as the person making it too!

Mimosa For The Mornings

A classic cocktail mix which just adds 75 calories and zero fat per serving, this one can be easily prepared by adding 1 ounce orange juice with 3 ounce champagne and one is ready!! This drink is a favorite for a brunch party and will pep the mood too!

Cocktail Made With Lime & Cranberry

A great cocktail which comes under the 100 calorie bracket and low on sugar levels as well and is also known as Cape Codder. This recipe can be easily prepared by adding around 1 ounce of vodka, some fresh cranberries and lime slices to a big glass and topping it up with ice cubes. After this is done, club soda and freshly made cranberry juice should be added to the glass. Post the juice and soda has been added, a squeeze of lime is the last to go into the drink and the great taste can be savoured after mixing the drink well!

Rum With Spiced Cider

A winter favorite this one, and a seasonal cocktail, this one can be prepared by heating 6 once apple cider with a clove, nutmeg and cinnamon stick over a medium, flame. After the mix is heated up, it needs to be cooked on simmer for about ten minutes more and should be taken off. The final part is adding rum to a mug and adding this mix of apple cider and spices in the mug and enjoy the rich taste of this cocktail!