5 Things You Should Definitely Never Apply On Your Face

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byCarole/ 17 Jan 2021

5 Things You Should Definitely Never Apply On Your Face

Facial skin problems are never ending and varied in nature. No matter how good a skin care routine you follow and how gentle you are with your skin, you are bound to experience problems with your facial skin, at least once in a while. Although most of us are getting worried about the ingredients that are used to prepare skin care products and are now-a-days mostly depending on natural and homemade skin care alternatives, there are certain things that your facial skin would never like and in this case, a skin testing on your arm skin doesn’t work. So, you better keep off from these products if you don’t prefer to aggravate your skin problems.


Whether it’s a burn you are trying to soothe or a mischievous zit that you are looking forward to dry out – no matter what the problem may be, do not positively even think of applying toothpaste on your facial skin. Toothpastes are good drying and soothing objects but are too damaging for the skin, as they contain a whole lot of different types of chemical products and has the potential to dry out your face really bad.


Now it’s pretty common to hear about the beauty benefits of mayonnaise and the stuff has really been getting some serious attention of late. However; mayonnaise is one of those highly beneficial ingredients that are simply beneficial for the hair and on the contrary, it can also be referred to as a bane for facial skin. This is because, mayonnaise is extremely thick in nature and on facial application, it can clog skin pores really bad, thereby obstructing the breathing pattern of the skin and leading to skin breakouts.

Lemon Juice

Although this may be sounding weird because lemon has got a very high reputation for being one of the best products for skin; it certainly is not good for your facial skin. Lemon’s pH is too low or acidic and can turn highly irritating for facial skin, which is not designed to handle such low pH value. Your facial skin is way too sensitive than your body skin and if you have been hearing about how good lemon works for lighting scars, you should definitely restrict your experimentations to your body, instead of bringing that up to your face.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a yet another substance that should actually never touch your facial skin. Although it has a lot of other beneficial properties, the factor that makes its unsuitable for facial skin is its highly alkaline nature, human facial skin has a naturally acidic nature and it helps to keep the lipid layer of the skin in a good and healthy state, thereby allowing the skin to perform its duty of becoming a barrier to foreign particles. However; when you introduce a highly alkaline substance like baking soda to your skin care regimen, you will actually run the risk of damaging your skin by disturbing its natural state and integrity.

Lavender Oil

Last but not the least, lavender oil despite being a highly popular agent for skin and hair care is not at all recommended for skin as a whole, leave alone facial skin. This is because lavender oil is highly phototoxic, which means that it reacts very fast and strongly with sunlight, thereby leading to hyper pigmentation. Other than that, lavender oil is also highly irritating to skin and being a cytotoxic product, it also damages the skin on a cellular level.