5 Top Trendy Spikey Hairstyles For Women

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byCarole/ 01 Aug 2021

5 Top Trendy Spikey Hairstyles For Women

There are many women in the world today who are not afraid of going a little crazy when it comes to how they look. With the many different kinds of fun and exciting hairstyles available, women have the option of going a little over the top and having some fun. It has always been men that have had spikey hair, but Spikey hairstyles for women are something new this year. With the growing trend there are different styles for such a haircut. Listed below are the top 5 hottest spikey haircuts.

Trendy Spikey Hairstyles For Women

The Short Faux Hawk Hairstyle

This is one of the trendiest of all the many spikey styles available. With the famous Mohawk in trend, this hairstyle has taken the fashion world by storm. For women with short hair, a faux hawk is a great look. It is extremely famous among women who are models and superstars. With the sides of the hair cut short and layered, the top portion of the hair is spiked up and styled to look like the top of a cock bird.

Colored Spikey Hairstyle

This kind of a hairstyle can be created for any woman who has short hair. The hair can be cut and styled in spikes and combed upwards with the help of hair spray or mousse to keep it in place. The tips of these spikes can be colored to any shade of the woman’s choice. Women who would like to color their whole head can do the same as well. Bright vibrant colors usually look the most ravishing. Pinks, reds, purple and even blue would go well with this hairstyle.

Funky Black Spikes

Women who have short or medium black hair can have their hair cut in spikes. These spikes can be straightened out to give it that pin like effect. For those who have voluminous black hair this hairstyle would look great on them. For those who have round faces, this short spikey cut would compliment their features and make them look even trendier.

White Spikey Hairstyle

This kind of a hairstyle is especially for those women who don’t mind coloring their hair white and going an extra step. After coloring the hair completely white, the hair is then styled in such a way where the top section is tossed and disheveled giving it that edgy look. The sides and back of the hair can also be layered depending on the style that is required.

Wavy Curved Spikes

For those girls who have fairly short hair this hairstyle would be ideal. All the hair on the head is curled with the help of a curling tool, giving it the special dreadlock look. These curls would then lie on the head and resemble spikes but curly shaped ones. Red haired girls and brunettes would look great with such a hairstyle. This hairstyle has a very bohemian touch to it.

These are the different kinds of Spikey Hairstyles for Women that are in trend this season. So for those women who are confused as to what would be the craziest hairstyle for their short hair, can try out these styles to make them stand out from the rest. With a dash of vibrant colors and streaks or just coloring the whole head, their spikes would look even more stunning!