5 Various Natural Cure For Acne Scars

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byCarole/ 09 May 2021

5 Various Natural Cure For Acne Scars

If your face is filled with acne scars making it very ugly, it might leave you feeling highly embarrassed and ashamed. This is a common problem among all the teenagers and young people who are tired of the marks their acne has left on their face.

Opting for surgeries might be a very expensive option and would be not favorable for many. In such cases, opting for the cheapest way would be useful. One of the best ways to erase the acne scars is to find a natural cure for them as it is an easy and viable option.

Best Natural Cure For Acne Scars

Fresh Lemon Juice

Squeeze some fresh lime juice out of a lemon and apply in on the scars left by acne. You can apply it using a cotton ball. Leave your face to remain for about 20 minutes and wash away using water. This will help to reduce the dark scars left by acne and blemishes by lightening it. Remember to apply lime juice after diluting it as a fresh concentrated juice would cause a burning sensation.

Sandalwood Paste

Put on a face mask of sandalwood powder and rose water and apply it over your face and leave until it dries off. You can also try to apply on the area with scars. You can also try to wash it off after leaving it overnight. This is a very effective natural cure for acne scars as the soothing effect and cooling nature of the sandalwood paste is beneficial.

Face Mask Using Tomato

Prepare tomato juice by squishing the tomatoes and apply the juice to the acne scars on the face after mixing with milk powder. The enzyme first cleanses the scars and makes it fade away. You can also mix with cucumber juice if you have strong acne scars on your facial skin. This is very effective in the long run as the tomato juice is very effective in curbing the sebum gland activity that induces the oil glands beneath the skin surface. Wash the face after 20 minutes and would tighten the skin.

Egg Whites

You can choose to apply egg whites on your face if you wish for more visible results. Apply this on your scars and face and wash away the next morning with very cool water. This is an effective natural cure as it not only fades and removes the scars but also prevents the breakout of acne in the future. This way you can goodbye to acne through this natural way of applying egg whites.

Baking Soda

Prepare a paste with baking soda and water and mix well until fine. Gently spread this paste over the acne scars and rub it for a minute. You can leave it for 3 minutes and then wash it off. This is also very effective on acne scars as the baking soda has the ability to kill the acne causing bacterium. This also helps to exfoliate the skin cells on your face and cleanses it well. Try to use this mixture twice daily for visible results.