6 Most Popular Irish Drinks

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byCarole/ 04 Mar 2018

6 Most Popular Irish Drinks

The Irish have always been a popular crowd when it comes to alcoholic beverages. There was a time when Ireland dominated the Whiskey industry with over 90% of production.Home brewed stout beer along with delectable coffee liqueurs has made Ireland a very famous abode for alcohol enthusiasts.Listed below are the most popular alcoholic drinks in Ireland during festivities and celebrations.


Guinness Beer

One the most popular and widely appreciated alcoholic beverage is the Black Guinness Beer, it is the most popular dry stout bear and most consumed as well. Prepared with roasted barley is gives the Guinness its iconic black color and taste. A thick creamy froth mounts on top of the beer when poured which gives it a bitter sweet taste. St. Patrick’s Day without an Irish Guinness Beer is incomplete.

Irish Whiskey

Since the 1920s the hold of the Irish whiskey production has slumped. Most international whiskey markets have not yet fully discovered the authenticity and taste of Irish whiskey. However, today we can see various Irish whiskey brands in the international market, the most famous being the Jameson. The Jameson whiskey brand gained popularity due to its distillation process and absence of peat. At the same time the combination of raw and malted barley gives it a distinctive taste and texture.

Smithwick’s Ale

Popularized by Guinness, Smithwick’s Ale has made a strong place for itself today, since its inception in the 1700s. The use of premium hops and barley and its idiosyncratic red color has placed this ale second in the tastiest beers in the world. To get a whiff of this ale, you may need to travel all the way to Ireland since it is distilled by local brewers only.


Irish Cider was commercialized by Magners in County Tipperary. Along with this came Blumers cider which gained popularity throughout all Irish local bars. Cider is basically fermented apple juice with an average alcohol percentage. The use of original oak vats gave the cider a distinguished taste from other alcohols. Magners is now widely sold and exported from Ireland all over the world.

Bailey’s Irish Cream

One of the most popular exports in the Irish alcohol industry is the Bailey’s Irish Cream. A combination of Irish whiskey and cream created a masterpiece to titillate your taste buds. With alcohol content of over 17% the Bailey’s Irish Cream is popular for most gatherings and suave parties. Served in a shot glass with crushed ice, this liqueur can be sipped for hours on end. No other alcoholic beverages provide the taste of Ireland like the Bailey’s Irish Cream.

Irish Mead

Mead is an alcoholic beverage internationally known as honey wine. Brewed in very specific distilleries and the recipes that were hidden for years, Irish mead without a doubt has become an exotic drink. Irish Mead was made famous by Bunratty, they prepared it with water, honey and grain mash unlike other meads. It has higher alcohol content than its counterparts and in earlier times it was an Irish tradition for newlyweds to drink Mead every day for a fortnight.