7 Cocktails For Weight Loss

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byCarole/ 31 Mar 2019

7 Cocktails For Weight Loss

Often when you are suffering from excess of weight you have been told to cut down on your favorite food items. A healthy diet with a high calorie cocktail let’s all effort go in vain. If you love cocktails, then you don’t need to stop consuming it. There are various cocktails available that are low in calories and helps in effectively managing your weight. So cocktails junkies need not to feel disappointed as this article will give you a list of cocktails that are not only delicious but also low in fat content.

These Are Cocktails For Weight Loss

Rum And Diet Coke

If you love coke, avoiding them completely is very difficult. Various drinks producing companies have introduced their diet version in the market which taste same and have low calories. So calorie conscious people can consider these diet beverages as a good option. Diet Coke is one such low calorie version of coke. It is a refreshing low calorie alternative in comparison to the high in calorie alcoholic beverages. You can also add diet coke to Rum and make a less alcoholic beverage that will giving you a feeling of cocktail which is less in weight.

Red Wine

Another option for weight conscious cocktail lovers is Red Wine. Red wine measured in a five oz glass has just 115 calories and four grams of carbohydrates. This is comparatively a very less caloric hit for the average cocktail consumer.

Champagne And Sparkling Wine

Champagne is beneficial over other wines as when it gets poured into a glass then it majorly contains foam and little quantity of liquid. Once the foam in the glass vanishes, your drink is only left with less liquid than what you see in the glass. If your glass was full of champagne when it was poured then it consists of nearly half of the foam and half of liquid content. Less liquid content gives you less calories and hence helps you control your weight effectively. So feel free and enjoy with your friends with Champagne.

The Ultralight Beer

Though there are people who are fond of beer. Many people complain that they don’t get enough low diet variations in beer. Looking at this requirement, now a light and low calorie version of beer has hit the market with the name of ultralight beer. This beer has been found having only 55 calories for the same size of serving. So now, that you have finally got a diet version of beer don’t hesitate and consume beer to your heart’s content.

A Guinness

There are low calorie cocktails that just have low content of calorie and alcohol but also are healthy to the body. One of these healthy cocktails is Guinness. According to a recent study done on these cocktails it has been found that this cocktails is rich in antioxidants that is beneficial in preventing clotting of blood that may result in causing heart attack. It shows powerful properties that help in significantly bringing down the risk of heart attack.

With Club Soda Or Water Or Diet Soda

Cocktails are supposed to be one of the high calorie drinks you find in a bar. By introducing some variations in it you can make it the lowest calorie beverages that you can easily consume even if you have excessive weight. The key is to mix your liquor like vodka, whiskey, brandy etc. with low calorie ingredients such as ice, water, cola, fruit juice, soda or diet soft drinks. This will be a tasty as well as low calorie alternative to your favorite liquor drinks.

The Martini

This is the most tempting and preferred classic cocktails by Americans. It is made by perfectly mixing adequate proportions of gin, vermouth, olives and lemon. This cocktail is very low calorie in diet and taste awesome. This is the rejuvenating and refreshing drink with just 100 calories for a single shot serving of it. Olives and lemon in it only adds a total of five calories each, thus making this cocktail a tasty and healthy alternative to other high alcoholic and calorie rich liquors.

Reading this article will help you a lot especially if you are crazy for cocktails and visit bars often for consuming the same. So if you plan to visit a bar or restaurant next time, don’t forget to order these low calorie cocktails to keep you feel fresh and light after drinking it. Keep trying these amazing cocktails turn by turn to avoid getting bored. Enjoy these healthy drinks and make special evening with your friends!!