7 Different Ways To Make A Margarita

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byCarole/ 15 Sep 2019

7 Different Ways To Make A Margarita

Now a days fast food and drinks are very much popular in the children and in all the generations, it is easy to make , margaritas is also one of them it is normally a mixture of 2-3 fast food drinks that are to be mix together to make a different type of the drink , and now it is popular as it gives a good taste , we can make margaritas in our home also.

Here Are Different Types Of The Margaritas Which Can Be Make In The Home

Big Math Margaritas Villa

This is wonderful margaritas and this is easily to prepare, it gives us the 170 calories and its is a sweet and sour drink which is used in the happy hours , it is mostly served in the restaurants and it is easy to make. Take one shot of the lime tequila 1/3 ounce and then add some of the orange juice according to the amount of the tequila , now add some of the sugar also now you have good flavor , garnish it with the mint and lemon slice.

Jamaica Margaritas

This is most popular margaritas in the Latin America and now slowly it is getting popular in all around the world , this drink is for the summers, this has the 400 caloric energy and also sweet in the nature , we have to take the 1/3 ounce of the orange tequila with the essence of the Jamaica now add some of the crushed ice into it now garnish it with the red color and lemon slice best when drink it with the dry salt.

Mint Margaritas

Mint is refreshing element for everyone this mint margaritas can be for both children as well as for young , to prepare this we have to take the frozen mint leaves, now add some of the orange juice if you are preparing for the children and lime tequila for the young now add crushed ice into it , shake it well now for good taste add some of the sea salt into it and garnish it if you serving to the guests.

Watermelon Margaritas

Wow watermelon margaritas the one of the most popular drink for the children and for the young also , take the juice of the watermelon without of the seeds, now add it in the jar full of crushed ice and mix it well and serve it , now if you want some more taste add some black salt and powder of the pepper now this will give the sweet and sour taste , garnish it with the lemon slice.

Mango Margaritas

The king of the fruits mango is so delicious , we can add some slices of the mango and then add some of the creamy milk, now milk it well with the crushed ice in the grinder now add some of the chili and the salt into it . this is most delicious and easy to make drink.

Strawberry Margaritas

Strawberry is most popular in all the generations now a days , its flavor is normally used in all of the drinks, this margaritas is easy to make take the strawberry and make the paste of it now add some of the crushed ice into it and then mix it well now add some of the mint leaves into it, now take in the happy hours and garnish it with the mint leaves.

Blackberry Margaritas

Berry is most important ingredients of the margaritas take some of the blueberry and then add crushed ice into it add some of the salt and the pepper into it and enjoy the refreshment drink.