7 Most Essential Bedroom Decoration Tips

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byCarole/ 16 Feb 2020

7 Most Essential Bedroom Decoration Tips

A bed room is a private room or resting place where people sleep at the day’s end or relax. Though restful sleep is the key function of bedroom, it can not be the only function of the bedroom. Other than sleeping we do different functions in a bedroom. Moreover there are different types of bedroom – master bedroom, kid’s bedroom, guest’s bedroom. The decoration may vary from one type of bedroom to another, but the main function is the same – sleeping, relaxing, reading books, etc. Before decorating your bedroom consult with your partner how the room will be used. Based on this, the lighting, window planning, coloring of the wall will be decided. But now a days where space is a problem in urban area, bed room generally becomes multi purpose. This article will help you to decorate your bedroom properly.

Color Of The Bedroom Wall

Wall color plays an important role in bedroom decoration process. It is a place of relaxation and sleep, so do not use very dark color for your bedroom wall. Lighter shade of blue, green and lavender are ideal color for bedroom though the choice of color should depend on the nature of the person living in that room. The color of the master bedroom will be different from that of the child’s bedroom. In children’s room use bright colors like sunny yellow, orange, pink, blue, etc. These colors go well with their energy. But check that they are not so bright that they may damage their eyesight. In a young person’s bedroom the best choice may be warm colors such as misty peach, raspberry pink, buttery yellow or other pastel shades. To increase energy and goodness of the house you may also follow Feng Shui color guide.

According to Feng Shui each color has its own meaning. For example red is the color of romance, energy and sexual desire. Orange is vibrant and happy color. So it may be the ideal color for children’s bedroom. Amount of space of the room is another factor to choose the color of your bedroom. If you have small bedroom, then color your wall with light color. Never use dark color because dark color gives your room a small look.


Choosing the right type of curtain is also important. Do not use dark color curtain for your bedroom. Keep the color of the room in your head to choose the ideal color of the curtain. Do not buy dark color or complicated design for your curtain because they are not soothing for your eyes. Use soothing color for your curtain. Soothing color helps to make your nerve calm down. For your children’s bedroom you may use their favorite cartoon printed curtain.

Bedcover And Bed Sheet

Bed cover and bed sheets are important things of a bed. They play a great role in the beauty of the room. When we enter the bedroom the bed draws our attention first because a bed occupies quite a large portion in that room. In a small room, it occupies the maximum portion. So if you place a bedcover of dark color and complicated pattern, it will be really painful for your eyes. Use soothing color such as pink, powdered blue, custard yellow, cucumber green for bedcover, bed sheet and pillow cover. Keep the color of the wall and curtain in your mind while buying bedcover and bed sheet. Neutral color is the best option for your master bedroom but if you like designs, you may buy small floral prints or small checks. Stay away from complicated geometric pattern for your bedcover.

For your children’s room you may buy their favorite cartoon character printed bed cover. Tom and Jerry, Sponge Bob, Dora, Tinker Bell series are there in the market waiting to get permission to enter your child’s bedroom. They will be happy to get that and will take much care to protect them.

Rug And Carpet

One rug or carpet may enhance the beauty of your room. So buy one carpet for your bedroom. For master bedroom you may choose different light color for your carpet. Beige, light green, light blue, etc. neutral color is the best selection for your master bed room. But if you have preference on design, then prefer a very simple design. Complicated design and dark color carpet are not soothing for aged eyes. But for the bed room of a young person or a children’s room you may prefer bright colored carpet like yellow, magenta, orange because it goes with their energy. Now a days you may get different shapes for your carpet, some are oval some are square, some are triangle and some are of other different shapes. A child’s bed room is used generally for both purposes – studying and relaxing. Use different colored rugs to divide the study corner and relaxing corner.

Table Lamp

A table lamp is must for your bedroom, not because it enhances the beauty of the room, it also serves various purposes. Suppose you want to read books but do not want to disturb your partner’s sleep, switch on the table lamp. It will serve your purpose. Again if you want to listen music before going to sleep, you may light your table lap because the soft light of table lamp gives you a soothing effect. Never forget to cover your lamp with beautiful lamp shade.

Hang Beautiful Picture

Do not keep the wall of the bedroom blank. Hang a picture you love on any of the wall. A bed has four sides. Generally the head side is attached to any of a wall. Do not keep the wall blank. Hang a beautiful canvas on that wall. It increases the beauty of the room. In your child’s bedroom also hang laminated or funny picture of their different activities.

Bedside Chair

Keep a bedside chair in your bedroom. It is necessary because in your bed room you will not like to be in bed all the time. You may need it while reading book or in the time of listening music. So here are your bedroom decoration tips. The items that you need to decorate your bedroom are very common. What you need is to acquire knowledge to place the right thing at the right place.