7 Most Refreshing Mocktails For This Summer

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byCarole/ 03 Feb 2019

7 Most Refreshing Mocktails For This Summer

With these soaring temperatures that seem to be in no mood to lower down, nothing looks more refreshing than the shot of chilled mocktail. It gives you both; a break from this cruel heat and a treat to your taste buds. You will definitely find some really great options in a fruit bar, juice centre or a nearby restaurants; but why not try it yourself at home. You will be an expert in no time. Just blend in fruits with loads of ice add to it your creativity play with colours and here’s your mocktail ready. Let’s see some of the easy to make and super refreshing mocktails you can start experimenting with.

Here Are 7 Most Refreshing Mocktails For This Summer

Virgin Mojito

This traditional Cuban drink is a transparent sparkling drink. It is made up of lemon juice, club soda, mint and sugar (original cocktail contains white rum). As simple as it can be; you just have to mix the lemon juice, sugar and crushed mint leaves and at the end just top it with the soda and put loads of crushed ice as per your heart’ s delight to it. The fresh flavour of mint makes it one of the most refreshing mocktail.

Orange Mojito

The original drink with a twist; Next time try making a mojito with orange juice instead of your regular lemon juice. It will still be as refreshing as it used to be. You can also experiment with orange pulp or orange pieces instead of using orange juice.

Miami Melons

This drink has its origin in the Atlantic City. All you need is de-seeded watermelon, guava, mint and crushed ice. Make a pulp of both the fruits, add crushed mint leaves and crushed ice to it. You may also want to use sugar syrup as per your taste.

Apple Lemon Shikanji

Shikanji is a traditional Indian drink all of us must have definitely tried during summers. Adding a little twist a little flavour to this traditional drink; it still remains refreshing with an added dose of nutrition and energy to it. So you need to take a portion of apple juice and add an equal portion of lemon juice to it. Add small evenly chopped pieces of cucumber, apple and mint to it. Finally top it with soda and rock salt for a perfect healthy mocktail which is real treat for your tangy taste buds.

Virgin Bloody Mary

At times when you want to skip the shot of vodka and go virgin instead; this is the perfect mocktail for you. What you need to make this is drink is loads of tomato juice, lemon juice, spicy Tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce. For garnishing you will require grounded pepper and some rock salt. So mix well all the liquid ingredient (juices and salt) over ice cubes in a glass till they are chilled. Garnish it with pepper and sauce.

Fruit Punch Mocktail

For this take equal portions of black grape juice, strawberry juice and pineapple juice. Blend them together and add pinch of rock salt to it. Add in crushed ice and some pieces of lemon peel to it. This mocktail will restore your energy and nutrition along with providing refreshment.

Mint Chocolate Mocktail

This drink is going to be a hardcore favourite with your kids; it’s nothing like adults won’t like it after all there is a small child in each one of us. For this mocktail you will need chocolate milk, some chocolate syrup for topping, chocolate mint ice cream and ice cubes. For the mocktail you need to take a cool glass with chocolate syrup applied on the inner surface, pour it with chocolate milk which has been previously blended with chocolate mint ice-cream. Add crushed ice to it and top it with chocolate syrup. You may also add small chocolate pieces to it if you are crazy chocolate fan. Your drink is all set; indulge in this refreshing sinful mocktail.

Try these mocktails at home and you are sure going to love them. Along with refreshing your body it is very important that you keep your body hydrated in this heat and keep restoring your energy levels. Why this is important because you sweat a lot and easily lose water and energy; hence staying hydrated is important. Also, the juices and citrus fruits which are commonly used in mocktails restore your body vitamin levels. One thing you must keep in mind is that there is no hard-and-fast rule or recipe for a good mocktail; you may follow your heart and keep in mind the nutritious properties of some ingredients and make some good innovative mocktail drinks. Cheers!!!