8 Healthy Fresh Juices To Boost Your Energy

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byCarole/ 17 Mar 2019

8 Healthy Fresh Juices To Boost Your Energy

One of the best ways to boost your energy levels are through juices. But remember that packet juices are not really the solution here. Those have a lot of artificial sugar and ingredients that will really not help you gain much. However, juices that are made from fresh fruits and vegetables offer better health benefits. One of them is to improve your energy levels, especially during the hot summer months.

Those who feel lethargic or tired all the time can consume these for natural sugar and glucose. Of course, they are also rich on other nutrients like vitamins, minerals, etc. Plus there is the added fibre benefit that you get here too-

Top 8 Healthy Fresh Juices To Boost Your Energy

1. Green Juice

Most people rely on tea or coffee to get their share of energy boost, but what they actually get in turn is a boost of caffeine that is only adding to health problems. Try a green juice variation instead that is rich on chlorophyll, which is green pigments in plants. It helps in improving the oxygenation functions and increase brain function. It also improves overall energy levels.

How To Make-

Combine a few celery stalks along with a cucumber and a bunch of parsley/ coriander, spinach and kale. Churn in a blender with some ginger and lime juice. For those who have low blood pressure, salt can be added too.

2. Sunshine Juice

As the name suggests, this is one of the juices that should be consumed in the morning because it will keep you going all day through. It fills the tummy and also is rich in vitamin C. It is made using strawberries and grapefruits, which boost energy levels and provide antioxidants too.

How To Make-

Take about 10-12 strawberries and a grapefruit. Churn the grapefruit segments with the strawberries and drink without straining.

3. Sugarcane Juice

This one is commonly available in the streets of India and you can really feel that burst of energy after consuming a glass. The juice also helps in better digestive functions.

How To Make-

Take peeled and chopped sugar cane chunks and blend in the mixture. Strain the juice well because these are fibres you cannot swallow. Add some lime for freshness.

4. Pineapple Delight

Another juice that one can consume is pineapple. It is rich in natural sugars and helps fight low pressure issues too. In fact tastes really awesome too and you don’t have to add any kind of salt or sweetener to it. It is high in vitamin C and B-Complex too.

How To Make-

Simply churn a peeled and chopped pineapple in the blender. No need to strain this one. But don’t store it for too long as the nutritive value goes down.

5. Applecious

This yummy apple juice is all about freshness and sweetness the natural way. You can make this juice from green apples, which are high on antioxidant properties. The addition of celery to this juice works because you get higher iron content.

How To Make-

Take 2 peeled and chopped apple along with a couple of celery stalks. Blend well and then have it without straining for an energy boost.

6. Tropical Delight

This is a juice that works very well for days when you have a bit of everything left. This makes use of tropical fruits like mango, pineapple and whatever else you can get your hands on. Mangoes and pineapple are a must have for this recipe because they are high on glucose levels, which are essential for energy boosting.

How To Make-

You will need a ripe mango for this recipe along with pineapple chunks and other tropical fruits. Blend them in a mixture and have this thick, smoothie like juice as a meal. You will be glad that you indulged in it!

7. Just Berries

Sometimes, berries are all that you need. If the sun is taking a toll on you and the heat is unbearable, then take whatever berries that you have and mix them up. This is more like a sorbet kind of juice that cools you down and also is great to taste. Plus the berries are rich in vitamins, iron and calcium too!

How To Make-

Take berries of your choice like blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc. and freeze them. You can also add ice if you don’t have frozen berries. Churn it to form an icy juice that can be sipped on the hottest of days for an energy rush.

8. Classic Orange Juice

Orange juice is one of the most preferred forms of energy boosting juice because it is easy to make and so delicious too. There is no denying that it is rich in vitamin C along with iron, which are vital to improve energy levels. If the orange is not sweet then add honey rather than sugar to it.

How To Make-

Take 3-4 oranges and use a hand-squeeze rather than the blender to take the juice out. Only take out the seeds using a spoon and don’t strain. This pulpy delight will quickly gear you up and boost energy levels.