8 Practical Kitchen Ideas For Small Kitchens

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byCarole/ 01 Mar 2020

8 Practical Kitchen Ideas For Small Kitchens

So, you have a small kitchen in your house and you are wondering how to plan it perfectly. Designing and decorating a small kitchen can be quite a challenge and a lot of thought should go behind it. You want it to look more spacious and use every little nook and corner efficiently, without wasting any space. These kitchen ideas will help you to design a small kitchen that looks spacious and beautifully decorated.

Kitchen Ideas For Small Kitchens

Keep It Clutter Free

The foremost thing to keep in mind while setting up a small kitchen is to keep it clutter free. As it is, you do not have any area to waste. You need to use the available space efficiently. Do not get too many accessories that will clutter the small area, giving a messy and heavy look to your kitchen. Just keep it simple!

Paint The Walls White

The first step in creating an illusion of space is to paint the walls a pristine white. This will certainly help the kitchen look spacious. You can also choose light pastel shades if you don’t prefer white. To provide contrast and add character to the room, you can choose some accessories in bold colors.

Beautiful Wallpaper

To this spacious looking, yet small kitchen, a personal touch can be added by covering one wall with a dainty patterned wallpaper of your choice. This is ideal for small kitchens which also have a small dining area in it. The wall near the dining table can be covered with interesting wallpaper. This is the simplest way to make the kitchen look beautiful without adding any clutter.

Keep The Flooring Simple

Wooden flooring or tiled kitchen floor is ideal for small kitchens. However, keep the tiles simple and light colored. Too much pattern and color in the tiles makes the room look cluttered, full and smaller.

Small Or Foldable Dining Table

For a small kitchen that also functions as the dining room, it is important that you don’t load the room with heavy and large furniture items. You can get a readymade foldable or pull out kind of dining table, or get one designed custom made for your kitchen. This will save on a lot of space as you can keep it folded when not in use.

Space-Saving Storage

You have a small kitchen, but you do need to store all that kitchen cutlery, serving pieces and linens. Check out some smart, space-saving kitchen storage solutions in a home styling store nearby. A sleek and vertical shelving unit that can store all these kitchen accessories will be the best choice. Vertical shelves occupy lesser area and help save on space in the small kitchens.

Display Collections

Place storage cabinets on either side of the kitchen window. The space between the two cabinets, in front of the window, can be used efficiently to display a collection of family photographs, souvenirs, etc. Just add simple shelves to this space, and display your collection.

Use Angular Kitchen Furniture

Angular furniture helps save on space in small kitchens. Check out such cabinets and storage accessories for your small kitchen in a home style store. Place these at the corners of your kitchen. It gives the small kitchen an interesting look as well as saves space.