9 Wonderful Ways To Boost A Baby’s IQ While In The Womb

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byCarole/ 10 Nov 2019

9 Wonderful Ways To Boost A Baby’s IQ While In The Womb

Pregnancy is the period during which a new life develops in mother’s womb over a period of nine months. Most of the expectant parents would have dreams of a brilliant baby and will be ready to do anything for this.

Some parents play music to their unborn babies and even play curriculum CDs which teach them on how to spell. Even though it’s true that music can create some good feelings even in the babies while in womb, but most of these commercial products are developed to exploit the feelings of the expected parents. Experts have identified certain other factors that can improve the IQ of a baby while the baby is in mother’s womb without wasting money for those commercial products.

How To Increase IQ

Healthy Eating

In order to get a healthy baby, expectant mothers should take healthy foods that provide lot of nutrients. A healthy diet that consists of all the vitamins and minerals has a lot to do with the proper development of the baby’s brain. Deficiency of iron, calcium, iodine and other minerals may cause learning disabilities, language development problem, delayed development of motor skill, lower IQ and even behavioral problems in the babies. Iodine is essential for making thyroid hormones and this hormone is essential for the development of the brain. Iron is highly essential for making red blood cells which carries oxygen to different parts of the mother’s body and to the baby. Pregnant woman who takes egg or bacon are likely to get an intelligent baby because bacons and eggs contain a micronutrient called choline.

Choline is vital for the brain development especially the parts associated with recall and memory of babies. DHA is an omega 3 fatty acid that plays a crucial role in significantly improving the intelligence of the baby. Omega 3 fatty acids are available from fatty fishes like tuna, salmon and herring, fish oil, liver etc. Small amount of DHA is also available from poultry and egg yolk and even DHA supplements are available however take them with the consent of your gynecologist.

Folic acid Pregnant women should get at the lowest of 400 micrograms folic acid daily from their food or other supplements. It is ideal to take folic acid at least one month prior to conception to lower the risks of brain and spinal defects. This is because deficiency of folic acid causes improper closure of neural tube which leads to malformation of spinal cord and brain. Folic acid is available from citrus fruits, broccoli, liver, green leafy vegetables, beans etc.

Healthy Weight Gain

Expectant mothers should gain healthy weight during this period as low weight gain results in premature delivery or delivering of low weight baby and experts says that the IQ of a baby and its birth weight are positively correlated up to eight pounds of birth weight but above nine pounds of birth weight it is negatively correlated. Hence healthy eating and weight gain is essential to improve the IQ of the baby in the womb.

Exercise To Improve IQ

Exercise plays a major role in improving the IQ level of a fetus. This is because low impact exercises like walking and swimming improve the blood circulation and provides enough blood to the fetus and thus increases the availability of nutrients to the fetus. Increased nutrient supply boosts the brain development.

Reduce Stress

The amount of stress the expected mother may have during her pregnancy affects the development of the baby because stress produces a hormone called cortisol which affects the baby even though the enzyme produced by the placenta try to reduce the effect of cortisol. Higher stress during pregnancy especially during the first trimester may even cause congenital malfunction of the brain.

Alcohol And Smoking

Expected mothers who have the habit of smoking are more likely to get a less intelligent baby as the smoke constricts the blood vessels and reduce the flow of blood to the fetus and there by reduces the availability of the nutrients. Exposure to nicotine during the prenatal period affects the brain cells of the baby which is essential for the cognitive development of the baby. Even passive smoking is considered dangerous for the baby. Alcohol consumption is more dangerous as alcohol intoxicates the baby and cause poor IQ, cognitive skills, poor memory, poor reasoning, attention deficits etc. If intoxication is much higher then it may even leads to permanent damages to brain and central nervous system.

Talking To The Baby

Babies can recognize the sounds even when they are in the womb. Hence talk to them and let them realize how much you love your baby. Singing lullabies, alphabets and reading loudly to the baby in the womb are ideal ways in this regard. Also make the baby to listen to the sound of the father, siblings and other family members and this will create a positive effect on the IQ and language development of the baby.

This is highly beneficial than the audio CDs because the sound of the mother and family members would carry the love for the baby. You will realize this only when you see your baby responding to the sounds, songs that he or she would have heard while in the womb and you will be even more surprised when your child recollects the alphabets and rhymes that you made him to listen while in the womb, during his school days.

Have Your Baby When You Are Young

Age of father and mother also plays an immense role in determining the intelligence of their baby. Fathers above the age of 40 years have a greater risk of having a child with autism, schizopherenia, skull or facial abnormalities. For mothers the first pregnancy after 30 years onwards is considered risky.

The Miraculous Power Of Touch For Boosting IQ

Pregnant women can experience the movements of the baby from fourth or fifth month of pregnancy and by seventh or eighth month the movements becomes very clear and the mother can feel the kick and jerks of baby. If you are lucky then you can notice certain parts of your baby like the feet, palm or head clearly over the stomach. This is the best time you can connect with the baby in the womb as your baby can also feel your touch and your presence. This stimulates the brain of the baby to search for more sensations and thus improves his sensory skills. Instead of worrying about the discomforts and symptoms of pregnancy enjoy your pregnancy with your baby to improve his IQ and give birth to a child prodigy.