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byCarole/ 29 Mar 2020


Bedroom themes are very popular among not only children but also adults. A bedroom is a room where people relax and unwind and it provides more comfort than any other room in the house.

Themed bedrooms are becoming more and more fashionable with time. While for little boys and girls, there are several themes such as fairy bedroom or race car themes, a jungle themed bedroom is also a very interesting one. It is one of the most interesting and exciting bedroom ideas and you can be as creative as you want with it.

Jungle Themed Bedrooms

The following points will talk about jungle theme bedroom ideas so that you can use this theme when decorating your bedroom.

Decorating the Walls

The walls of a room go a long way in setting the theme. When you are using jungle theme bedroom ideas, you can go all out and paint the walls in wild colors. Use colors such as bottle green, moss green, brown and chrome yellow. You can also use peel and stick wall decals and murals that depict wild animals such as tigers, monkeys, giraffes and elephants on your walls. Other than painting, you can also choose to put up wall papers in the room.

These wallpapers can come in animal prints or have wild trees, animals and so on printed on them. If you are decorating the room of your child with a jungle theme, you can use murals of wild orchid colors such as toucan red to paint the walls. Instead of using pictures of grown up tigers or elephants, you can pictures of baby animals such as tiger cubs on the walls of the room.


The furnishings of a room based on a jungle theme need to be wild as well. You can use leopard or zebra printed beddings and curtains. Use lamps that have lampshades in animal print. As far as the furniture is concerned, you can use dark colored and solid looking wood such as walnut and rosewood cabinets and tables. The headboard of your bed can also be of similar animal prints. Colors such as tan, camel, and bottle green are ideal for use when it comes to such rooms.


For a room that is themed on a jungle, plants are a must. If your bedroom is large, then you can keep a pot of palm tree on one corner to give a more realistic look to the room. You can also have one wall painted as a lush forest with large tree trunks. Tropical plants are also widely preferred for these themes because they are easier to maintain. You can also keep some artificial climbing vines on a side of the room.


For jungle theme bedroom ideas, you can use a wide variety of accessories. For instance, you can keep a misshapen rug in tan color in the middle of the room or you can have your artwork and bookends made from wicker and rattan to add to the wild feel of the room.