Dating Tips For Older Men Dating Younger Women

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byCarole/ 19 Jan 2020

Dating Tips For Older Men Dating Younger Women

Ok, so there’s this incredibly beautiful woman that you have just started dating. She’s everything you have ever dreamed of in a woman. And you know you would do anything to impress her. However, there’s one small problem! She’s way younger than you are and you feel that the age gap would hamper the relationship.

Who cares about age these days when there are a whole lot of attractive features that bring two people together in a relationship? Nevertheless, for those of you who still feel insecure about the age gap that accompanies such relationships, here are some useful tips that could help put your apprehensions to rest and help you score brownie points with your girlfriend in the process.

Essential Tips For Older Men Dating Younger Women

Never Bring Up The Age Factor

Some women love to know that they are much younger than their respective boyfriends. And then some women actually hate the very topic. If your girlfriend doesn’t seem to be too interested to talk about the age factor, don’t do it again unless it is completely necessary. Talking about the age gap too much would make her feel childish and also remind her of how much older you are. Not a good sign we tell you!

Don’t Look Like A Grandpa!

Sure there must be something about you that attracted your younger girlfriend. But that doesn’t mean you need to show how old you are to everyone around you. You know you are aging, so try to age gracefully.

Keep your nose and ear hairs trimmed, your nails polished, your ears cleaned and your teeth as white as possible. These are small things that if not taken care of, could cause rifts in the relationship wherein your girl would start to feel embarrassed to step out with you in public.

Don’t Cling To Her

Be mature! That’s most probably a reason why she is attracted to you in the first place. Your maturity and experience would be higher than the other younger guys she would have dated before. So give her the space she requires in the relationship instead of trying to act fatherly and pry on her every move!

Be there for her but only when she needs you! Don’t try to over protect her at public places. She’s young and beautiful, and would definitely get a few stares while you get your fair share of glares. Accept it and take it lightly. This way you are giving her the message that you respect her feelings and privacy.

Don’t Belittle Her Behavior

You have already been through it all, but she is just starting to learn. So don’t expect her to react to every situation the way you do or would want her to.

She may throw tantrums, disagree with you on minor issues, sulk, pout or even act indifferently sometimes. Don’t look down on her behavior. Rather, give her time to change for the better. You are not going to cut a pretty picture if you question every move of hers or scrutinize every single item she buys.

Get Used To The Stares And Glares

Never listen to what others may say about your relationship. If you are happy with her and she is happy with you, no one can break you apart. People may say that you are a womanizer who prefers to go after young girls.

They may also describe your girlfriend to be someone who is not attracted to you but your money. Be prepared to receive these and a whole lot of similar comments. Don’t take them to heart though! Just consider the others as being plain jealous of your beautiful relationship.

Be A Thorough Gentleman, Especially When It Comes To Paying Bills

We are not asking you to pay all her bills. If you take her out, pay for the date rather than expecting her to chip in. There’s a reason you are more mature than other guys she has dated before. And the best way to show that maturity is to refrain from looking at her face expectantly after getting the bill.

Don’t Talk About Your Previous Relationships

No matter how close you may be, there are certain issues that can be comfortable to discuss with your girlfriend. And one of them happens to be your previous relationships. Refrain from asking her about her previous boyfriends and why she broke up with them. And refrain from talking about your previous relationships unless she specifically asks about them.

Another point of advice. If you previously dated a woman younger than her, do not reveal it to your girlfriend. Most of the women who date older men secretly prefer to be the youngest (which automatically translates to ‘the most beautiful’) girlfriend their boyfriend ever dated. So don’t dash her hopes by saying that there was someone younger than her.

Take Time To Know Her Friends

Your friends would most probably welcome the thought of a younger girlfriend and would be casual about her as well. The same cannot be said about her friends who might feel awkward moving around with a much older man.

The first few meetings may not work out as planned and you might probably get out casted. Don’t give up hope though. Take the time to know her friends and be patient till they show signs of including you in their group. Your girlfriend will surely feel special when she realizes the efforts you take to fit in with her crowd.

Avoid The Fancy Dress Routine

Most women would prefer to be themselves when they are in bed with their loved one. Some like to dress up in different costumes to excite their partner. You need to find out if your girlfriend likes to dress up and remain simple in bed.

If she suggests dressing up, great! If not, ask her once or twice. Gauge her expression. If she shows any signs of distaste or disinterest in accepting your request, never ask her again! There are other ways to introduce kink into a relationship rather than asking her to dress up like a school girl, bar dancer or a gladiator etc.

Don’t Whine About Condoms

We don’t know about you but there are plenty of men out there who whine about wearing condoms when having sex with their younger girlfriends. Agreed that you are not at the prime of your life anymore and would not be able to enjoy sex wearing a condom.

But face it! Your girlfriend would expect it and would want to play safe. And unless she opts for any other contraceptive method, you would have to wear a condom to practice safe sex. You don’t want to end up running to the drugstore every other morning do you?

And Finally! Recognize A Cheater When You See One

She may be drop dead gorgeous and may seem to be genuinely interested in you. But is she seriously committed to taking the relationship forward? Or is she one of those who want to hang out with you until she finds greener pastures. You would have to find out for sure before diving head on into the relationship. She has to understand that you are in it for the commitment rather than for the fun and sex. And if she is not willing to give that to you, there is no point in taking it further.