Delicious Alice In Wonderland Recipe

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byCarole/ 16 Sep 2018

Delicious Alice In Wonderland Recipe

The name Alice in wonderland itself sounds so exciting; imagine how the drink would taste. When you think of Alice in wonderland and the “Drink Me” labeled drink that made her into a miniature, you would probably want to drink it yourself just in the hope to witness one of the oldest and the famous novels written in the 18th century.

Perhaps, we have to do with the present and turn this drink into something more fun which shall not take you down the rabbit hole but surely a worth tasting it.Alice in wonderland can be served both as a shooter and drink. This sort of a drink goes best when you are having a themed party with all adults trying to have fun. Keeping in mind that cocktails should have the best mix of alcohol and juice, here’s a recipe for both.

Alice In Wonderland Shooter

Preparation Time: 5 minutes

Serves one person

Level of Difficulty- Easy

Ingredients For The Shooter

1 oz Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur, absolutely chilled 2/3 oz or 20 ml of chilled Tequila (Reposado or Gold)

Method To Prepare Your Very Own Alice In Wonderland Shooter

Take a shot glass; pour the 1 oz Grand Marnier Orange liqueur. Then pour the 20 ml tequila over the glass of the mouth. Your shooter is ready to be chugged with your friends. It is definitely one of the popular drinks among the youth that love the concoction of orange with tequila. Nicely prepared and served chilled can surely make your evening more exciting than ever.

Alice In Wonderland Drink

Second option is to prepare it in the form of a drink. Unlike the shooter, you can enjoy every sip of the drink with your friends.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes Serves one person Level of Difficulty- Easy

Ingredients For The Drink

1 oz or 30 ml of Southern Comfort 30 ml of Amaretto Almond Liqueur 1 oz Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur 1 orange wedge

Directions To Prepare Alice In Wonderland Drink

Mix all the ingredients on by one in a cocktail shaker. First take the 30 ml of Southern Comfort, followed by 30 ml of Amaretto Almond Liqueur and lastly add Grand Marnier Orange Liqueur. Add lots of ice to it. Shake well and pour in a nice old fashioned glass. Your drink’s ready.

To make any drink, maintain a level of hygiene. Make sure the glass you use is clean as well as the ice cubes. For the drink to be hit amongst your friends, it is extremely important that you use the right ingredients in the right amount. In case you do not find the above mentioned ingredients, look for alternatives with similar taste. Having such a fancy drink sure makes the party wild and fun. Since youngsters love to drink new drinks, Alice in Wonderland drink or shooter is the right choice for your party. What better drink to incorporate if your party’s theme is itself “Alice in Wonderland”. To add more curiosity amongst your friends, serve each drink with a label “Drink Me” just how Alice in the novel was lured into drinking it.