Delicious Mojito Recipes

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byCarole/ 30 Apr 2017

Delicious Mojito Recipes

A mojito is a Cuban cocktail, which is prepared traditionally with white rum, fresh lime juice, sugar syrup, carbonated water and fresh mint leaves. The base alcohol used in mojitos are white rum, but the alcohol content of this drink is really low. This refreshing drink has become really popular as a summer drink due to its invigorating taste of mint and lime juice. Mojitos have many variations and can be prepared with a variety of fruits. Mojitos are normally served on the rocks or with ice cubes in tall glasses like highball or Collins glass.

Raspberry Mojito

Required Ingredients

1 oz. + 1/2 oz. of Rum 2 fresh limes, squeezed 1 oz. of Chambord 1 oz. + 1/2 oz. of raspberry Rum 5-6 fresh mint leaves, torn Soda water 1 oz. of simple syrup 5-6 fresh raspberries


  1. Throw the raspberries into the blender and process them until they are roughly pureed. Once done, take a few ice cubes and tip them into a tall glass. Pluck off some fresh mint leaves from the stem and tear them up with your hands. Once done, throw them into the same glass over the ice cubes and then squeez the lime juice into it.

  2. Throw the lime rinds as well and then muddle the mixture until the lime wedges are flattened and all of the juice comes out of them. Once done, pour the fresh raspberry puree and the simple syrup into the glass and then muddle up the mixture once again until everything is well combined. 3. Finally, pour the rum, Chambord and the soda water slowly over the mixture and then mix things up either by shaking the mixture by covering up the glass with another glass or by pouring the mixture from one glass into the other. Once done, fill up the glass with some more ice cubes and serve immediately.

Normal Mojito

Required IIngredients

1 oz. + 1/2 oz. of Rum 1 oz. of simple syrup Soda water or carbonated drink 2 fresh limes, cut into wedges 5-6 fresh mint leaves, roughly torn Sour Mix


  1. Pluck off some fresh mint leaves and tear them roughly with your hands. Then throw them into a glass filled with 1-2 ice cubes. Now pour the simple syrup into the glass and add the lime wedges after squeezing their juice into the glass. Once added, muddle up the added ingredients until the mint leaves are broken up and the lime wedges are thoroughly processed.

  2. Once done, pour the rum, sour mix and the carbonated water into glass. Once added, mix up the mixture by shaking the drink between two glasses or by pouring the drink from one glass to another. Once prepared, serve the chilled drink immediately by adding some more ice cubes.

Orange Mojito

Required Ingredients

2 oz. of fresh orange juice 3 oz. of Rum 3-4 fresh mint leaves 1 lime Carbonated drink or soda water 3-4 wedges of orange 1 oz. of simple syrup


  1. Cut some oranges into halves to squeeze out 2 oz. worth of orange juice from them. Once extracted, pour it into a glass and add 1-2 ice cubes to it. Then tear some mint leaves and throw them into the glass along with the lime wedges and orange wedges.

  2. Finally, pour the simple syrup into the glass and then muddle things up until the entire juice comes out of the orange and the lime wedges. Once done, pour the rum into the glass and then fill up the glass halfway up with the carbonated water. Finally, throw-in some more ice cubes and then shake the mixture once again until the drink turns very cold.

Frozen Mojito

3Required Ingredients

Soda water 3 oz. of Rum 5-6 fresh mint leaves 1 oz. of simple syrup 2 fresh limes 2 cups of crushed ice


  1. Cut the limes in half and extract out the juice from them. Once done, throw the plucked fresh mint leaves into a blender by first tearing them roughly with your hands. Follow that by slowly pouring the freshly extracted lime juice, simple syrup and the rum.

  2. Then add the crushed ice to the mixture. Finally, pour required amounts of soda water into the blender and then process the mixture until it looks like a frozen drink. Once ready, pour the mojito into a highball or Collins glass and then serve it right away.