Delightful Cocktail Juice Recipes

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byCarole/ 30 Sep 2018

Delightful Cocktail Juice Recipes

So you are extremely conscious and look for various ways to keep your skin glowing and remain in the best of health. There is no magical formula which can ensure this, but it is a well known fact that eating lots of green leafy vegetables and fruits is the key to maintaining a good skin and health.

Yes what you put in will definitely yield results on the outside. Are you confused about which fruits or vegetables to include in your daily intake list? Well the cat is out of the bag. Just Grab some of your favorite fruits or vegetables from the kitchen. Mix and match them randomly to come up with some great cocktails. Yes, this is what we call a cocktail

5 Homemade Cocktail Juice Recipes

Mango, pineapple, ginger and lime cocktail


1 ripe mango, 1 pineapple about 500g, a piece of ginger and 1 lime.


Clean and peel the mango and pineapple. Cut into big pieces excluding the mango seed. Put it into the juicer. Add a peeled piece of ginger to the juicer. Once done pour the juice into a glass and squeeze some lime over it.

Nutritional Value

This recipe is a great source of Vitamin A,C,E and proteins.

Mushy Watermelon Cocktail


A Medium size water melon, 3-4 strawberries,2 oranges, ½ lime, 1tbsp honey


Clean and cut the water melon and remove the seeds. Add it to the juicer along with the cut strawberries and oranges. Your yummy cocktail is ready.


Add a bit of lime juice and 1tbsp of honey to make it sweet and sour.

Yummy grapes and cranberry cocktail recipe

Wash and put the grapes and cranberries into a juicer. Add some water to it. Pour in a glass, squeeze the lime juice over it. Garnish with 1 tbsp of honey.


Add some ice cubes to it and serve it chilled.

Healthy beetroot, carrot and spinach juice cocktail


1 Beetroot, 2 Carrots, ½ Piece Of Ginger, Few Spinach Leaves, A Pinch Of Salt Or Pepper


Thoroughly wash the beetroot, carrots and spinach with water and keep aside. Peel the beetroot and carrots. Cut them into pieces, add it to the juicer along with the cleaned spinach leaves and a piece of ginger. Pour some water if needed.

This cocktail should be seasoned with a pinch of salt or pepper before serving.

Mixed vegetable juice recipe

This recipe does not need any particular vegetable. You can just pick and choose the vegetable of your choice. Whatever be your choice just boil the vegetables and then prepare the juice. By doing so you are ensuring that the juice prepared is free of any germs as raw vegetables are usually full of them.

Apart from these there are several other cocktails that can be prepared by a test and trial method even depending on the season. Cocktails can also be prepared by adding some percentage of alcohol to it. Usually this holds true for the cocktails prepared with fruits. Cocktails are a top choice for any occasion even for a casual party.