Easy Guide To Make Honey Lemon Tea

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byCarole/ 23 Jun 2019

Easy Guide To Make Honey Lemon Tea

Honey lemon tea is an awesome drink that comes with a range of health benefits. It helps in combating infections, improves immunity, helps in weight loss and so on. It is an energy drink that helps you feel hydrated and energised without really trying too hard. It is easy to make and you can have it either hot or cold. Of course, once you know the basic recipe, you can try variations of the same.

These Is Easy Guide To Make Honey Lemon Tea

Ingredients Needed

For making one cup of the honey lemon tea you will need at least 1 full cup of water (which tends to reduce as you boil) along with a 1 tablespoon of honey. You can increase the honey or reduce its quantity depending on how you sweet you like the tea. Remember to use natural and organic honey.


Boil The Water

Whether you make it hot or cold, the basic process involves boiling water in a pan. This not only kills germs and bacteria in the water but adds to the essence of the tea.

Add Honey

Once the water is boiling enough, add your honey. When you add the honey, make sure that you turn off the gas. Else, cooking the honey will only result in killing the goodness and nutrients. Stir well because honey does take time to dissolve, which is easier in warm water as compared to cold water.

Add Half A Lemon Juice

Half the lemon is sufficient for a cup of honey and lemon tea. However, if you like a dash of tang then go ahead and add more. Also, if you plan on having the tea cold, then add more lemon. Stir well. Remember that adding lemon to boiling water makes it bitter.

How To Have

You can serve the hot lemon tea in a ceramic or classic cup and enjoy a warm and cozy drink during colder days or if you have a cold or cough. If it is warm then let the liquid cool down naturally. Once cold, add lots of ice to a glass. Sprinkle some mint leaves. Then pour the tea in the glass and enjoy it chilled.

Variations To Honey Lemon Tea

You can add lime instead of lemon in the tea. A few mint or basil leaves can be added to enhance the taste of the same, when the water is boiling. Ginger juice or grated ginger may be used too for a punch.