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byCarole/ 23 May 2021


Everybody has different types of hair as they depend on the genes. Some people have curly hair while some have straight hair. Hair texture also varies a lot as some have thick hair while some have got very thin hair. So as everybody has different hair types with different characteristic then the hair care should be according to the hair type.

Only a few of us are lucky to have natural black hair and we should try to retain the blackness of the hair for a longer period of time as ignorance will lead to hair whitening and you have to use hair colors or other bleaching agents. Natural black hair is dry and you need to take care of them to retain the moisture of the scalp skin. Moisture in the scalp helps to retain the shine of the hair and leads to growth of hair.

So if you have got natural black hair then follow the given tips for hair care and get noticed by everybody.

Tips for Black Hair Care

Use Hair Wraps or Satin Pillow Cases

Hair wrap helps to keep the hair moist. You can also do it by sleeping on a satin pillow or using a satin scarf on your hair before sleeping at night. This is because cotton pillows lead to strip out the moisture from the hair and give rise to split ends.

Head Massage

Head and scalp massage is necessary to retain moisture of the hair. You can use any oil that suits your hair but castor oils are usually recommended for black hair.

Oil sheen sprays help to give shine to the hair and softens the hair texture. Giving massage to the scalp is very good as massage increase the blood circulation and prevents hair fall. You should avoid pulling and tugging of the hair ends.

Wash your Hair

Washing your hair at least twice in a week is necessary. Avoid daily washes as it increases the dryness of the hair as hair loses the moisture of the scalp. Try to manage your hair in a tidy way.

Avoid Using Heat on Hair

The hair dryers and hot curlers damage the texture and blackness of the hair. So try to use minimum of heat elements on your hair. Hair wash should be weekly or biweekly only and not daily.

In case you need to use a hair dryer, then apply a moisturizing lotion on your hair cuticles. The hair tangles should be removed with the use of a large toothed comb. Try to comb by using strokes first on the ends and then towards the scalp.

Healthy Diet

Diet plays a vital role to give strength to the hair and retain blackness of the hair. So include fresh fruits, vegetable, potatoes, salads, fresh juices, sprouts etc.. Natural supplements can also be taken that helps to prevent roughness and hair fall of the hair.

Avoid Rubbing Towel on the Hair

To remove excess of water from your hair, use the technique of blotting and do not rub the towel on your hair. Simply pressing towel will also remove the excess water from your hair.

Make sure to apply the bronzer over the area from the start of the cleavage line to the point where the strap of the bra meets the cup. Repeat the same process on the other side as well.

Once you apply the bronzer to the sides, apply some more to the cleavage present in between the breasts. Blend the color with the natural skin tone to create a V shape effect. This would make your cleavage appear deeper and more attractive.

Applying a dark colored bronzer on the cleavage area can be complemented with a lighter colored base makeup on the visible portion of the breasts. Accordingly, you can apply a light colored eye shadow or face powder on the breasts to highlight them and the cleavage as well.

Touching Up

Complete the look by applying some more bronzer on the cleavage area and blending it in with the skin tone. Take a final look to make sure that there are no visible mistakes before heading out. And make sure to check and touch up your cleavage makeup at regular intervals to avoid embarrassing situations.