How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

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byCarole/ 02 Feb 2020

How To Use Coffee Grounds In Your Garden

Each time we brew a strong hot cup of aromatic coffee, we have a cup of coffee grounds as waste. Neither do we the heart to throw them out nor can we reuse them. However, most people use coffee grounds for a variety of reasons, like beauty purposes, cellulite treatment and as a deodorizer in our homes. Nevertheless, do you know that using them as an organic material for your garden can work wonders and reap good benefits?

Coffee Grounds In Garden

Plant Fertilizer

Since old coffee grounds are rich in nutrients, they fertilise plants that grow in acidic soil. You may add these to organic soil in equal quantities to potted indoor and outdoor plants. It is best to use coffee grounds before planting the seeds. When mixed with seeds, they give a bountiful harvest. Therefore, for a better harvest of radish and carrot mix them with the seeds before seed planting. Huge melons tomatoes and carrots have grown with coffee grounds as fertilizer. They also make excellent fertilizers for lawn. They help mushrooms grow well. Coffee grounds mixed with water also make excellent liquid fertilizers for the soil.

Coffee Grounds Composting

Nature’s way of recycling waste is composting. Coffee grounds are excellent organic fertiliser. They are widely used for acid loving plants, such as roses, rhododendrons, hydrangea, azaleas, Camilla’s, blueberries, andstrawberries. They provide moisture to the soil. While sprinkling coffee grounds around the planting area into the soil they help reduce the pH factor. They are a good source of magnesium and calcium. It is advisable to mix in the coffee grounds to a depth of eight inches within the soil. As the coffee grounds begin to decompose, they start releasing nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, which result in a rich and healthy harvest. Feeding your plants with healthy substances will improve your own diet. Healthy plants from healthy soil have better production.

Vermicomposting With Coffee Grounds

Vermicomposting is the process of making high quality compost with organic waste using worms. It is a useful way of recycling waste and turning them into gold. Worms just love and enjoy coffee grounds. Worms survive in shallow bins. Therefore, add coffee grounds before adding the worms. A small cup of coffee grounds would be sufficient for a small bin. They have a mulching effect on the garden beds and keep the worms well fed. They can be added with Eggshells and strewn all along the garden soil to promote their activity. The texture of the coffee grounds enables the worms to digest all other waste matter. Worms have the ability to grow faster when fed with coffee grounds. They also have the ability to ventilate the soil and provide the necessary nutrients and oxygen to the roots. Add coffee grounds once a week, in moderation. Due to its acidic nature, excess coffee grounds when added to worm bins will bother the worms.


Sprinkle old coffee grounds around anthills to keep ants at bay. Spread coffee grounds combined with orange peels into your yard to stop cats from straying to the place. It also helps repel snails and slugs from ruining your garden. By using coffee grounds thee are possibilities of reducing pest problems and avoid using pesticides. So next time you brew coffee, remember to make the best out of waste!