Lemon Iced Tea Recipe And Benefits

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byCarole/ 29 Sep 2019

Lemon Iced Tea Recipe And Benefits

What Is Lemon Iced Tea

Lemon Iced Tea is a simple recipe to try in your home that any body can make it easily. This is a simple to do as you prepare normal tea in your home. It is basically a refreshing drink which is good to drink in summer.

How To Prepare Lemon Iced Tea

Lemon Iced Tea needs few ingredients which are easily available in your home thus you easily get them.Follow the recipe step by step to prepare lemon iced tea in home.

Lemon Iced Tea


Good quality Darjeeling tea leaves 2 tea spoons, Lemon Juice 1 tea spoon, Sugar as per taste, Mint leaf extract 2 tea spoon, Mint leaves and lemon slices for garnishing, crushed ice.


Take 2 glasses of water in a saucepan. Boil the water and now pour the tea leaves. Keep the flame on for 2 minutes. Now off the gas and cover the saucepan. Allow to soak the tea leaves in the water for 5 minutes.

Now take 2 glasses and pour sugar according to taste, lemon juice, mint leaf extract and crushed ice. Now strain the liquor with the help of a sieve in the glasses. Stir it to dissolve the sugar. Garnish with mint leaves and lemon slices. Your Lemon Iced Tea is ready to serve. You may store the whole thing in refrigerator and serve it chilled.

Various Health Benefits Of Lemon Iced Tea

Though lemon iced tea is used as a drink but it contains various health benefits in it. Here are the various benefits of Lemon Iced Tea.

Great Refreshment Drink

Lemon Iced Tea is used as a great refreshment drink in the season of summer. It is made with all natural ingredients thus it is healthier than any artificial soft drink or cold drink. Both the mint extract and the lemon juice is used in this tea are famous for the natural refreshing effect they have.

Great Option For The People In Diet

Lemon Iced Tea contains fewer calories than other refreshment drink. So, the people who are in a weight loss diet it is very good for them. You may add honey as a sweetener instead of sugar to reduce the calorie content.

Good For Your Skin

This amazing lemon iced tea is rich in anti oxidants which is effective home remedy to stop premature aging of your body. It is also helpful in reducing the age signs like wrinkles in skin, patches in skin etc. Lemon juice used in this tea keeps your skin glowing.

Ideal For Summer

Mint is a well known home remedy for its cooling effect. Mint extract is used in this tea so that it gives you cooling effect in the scorching heat of summer. It keeps your body cool from inside naturally and thus lemon iced tea is an ideal drink for summer.

Prevents Acne Especially In Summer

We have numerous oil glands in our skin which became more active in summer. As a result of the excess oil secretion and clogged pores acne forms in our skin. Those who have oily skin they summer much in the summer. Mint extracts controls the oil secretion from the oil glands from inside of your skin and thus consumption of this lemon iced tea reduces the chance of acne formation in summer.

Get The Benefits Of Lemon

Lemon juice is used in this tea which is rich in vitamin C and good for your system. Vitamin C boosts your immune system and prevents diseases. Lemon juice is good for your digestive system too.