Reasons For Babies Kicking Inside The Womb

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byCarole/ 05 Jan 2020

Reasons For Babies Kicking Inside The Womb

A pregnant woman in filled with joy and happiness when she feels the movements of the baby for the first time.

The movement gradually becomes easier with the passage of time and with the gradual development of the baby. But not many mothers know that the baby actually wants to tell something with its movements or the ‘kicks’.

What Do The Kicks Say?

Every baby gets what it needs from the placenta. The baby will continue to kick if the supply is good but if the supply falls then you will experience few kicks as the baby will start saving energy for its growth. If the mother smokes, then the placenta gets affected and hence there will be less kicking.

If over a period of time the placenta becomes weak, then there can be a difficult child birth or the baby can get seriously ill. A normal kicking baby indicates that the baby is developing fine and there are no problems. It is a good habit to count kicks so that you can keep a track of the rhythm. If, ever, you feel that the rhythm is missing or the number of kicks has gone down substantially then you must consult your doctor as soon as possible.

What Is Your Baby Doing There?

The baby makes a lot of movements inside the womb to expand the lungs. At certain times you will also feel small twitches which are actually nothing but the baby hiccups. There are lots of other movements which the baby will make like sucking of thumbs which you may not feel at all.

You can start feeling the baby kicks in the last quarter of your pregnancy and these become pronounced when you change your sitting or your sleeping position. As you need to change your posture so does your baby and hence you feel the sweet little movements.

Will He Kick All The Time?

There will be different periods of the day when the baby will sleep. During the course of pregnancy the baby will sleep a lot but as the delivery date approaches the baby will not sleep more than an hour. A majority of the babies will make the movements in the evening but there are some who are active in early morning. There is a saying that babies who kick more in the womb are more active after the birth.

Sometimes mothers become concerned when they don’t feel the kicks. It should be remembered that is the mother is overweight then the placenta will be in the front of the womb and you will feel less kicks. You will feel the kicks more when you are lying and the frequency goes down when you are standing or engaged in some work.

Count The Kicks!

It is always advisable to maintain a kick count form with you. The doctor will then easily understand the pattern of the baby kicks. The kick counting should start from the 28th week of the pregnancy. These kick counting forms also helps in further research.