Simple Makeup Tips To Create Cleavage With Small Breasts

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byCarole/ 20 Jun 2021

Simple Makeup Tips To Create Cleavage With Small Breasts

A low neck top or dress would look awesome on you only if you have the cleavage to flaunt it. Sadly, not many women are blessed with large breasts or attractive cleavages naturally, and so resort to other means to achieve the same.

Of course getting a sexy cleavage can be made easier with the availability of several cosmetic and surgical treatments and medications. However, if you are averse to following these methods and still want to show off a beautiful cleavage when you step out in deep neck tops or clothes, here are some tips and tricks that can help you with the same.

As you probably know, makeup has the power to transform even an ugly duckling into the most beautiful swan. And so, if you want to flaunt your cleavage and appear sexier in spite of having small breasts, here are some essential style and makeup tips that would help you get through the process

Tips for Creating Cleavage with Small Breasts

Choose Your Bra Wisely

If you want to enhance your natural cleavage, you would need to opt for an appropriate brassiere that would both enhance your breast size and increase the cleavage. Push up bras are the best options in these cases and help to uplift sagging breasts in addition to providing a fine and deep cleavage line.

Makeup Considerations

As and when you decide to wear a deep neck dress and want to show off your cleavage, dress up completely first and place some facial papers on the area surrounding your neck (including the neck borders). This way your dress won’t get stained if you get a bit careless with your cleavage makeup.

Foundation Basics

Apply a good quality moisturizer over the neck and cleavage, and follow it up with a foundation. Choose a light colored foundation to highlight the neck and cleavage.

Dab some concealer on dark spots, scars or blemishes to camouflage them. Make sure that the foundation and concealer you choose blend in with your natural skin tone.

The Actual Makeup

Next comes the bronzer, a makeup tool that can make your breasts look larger and fuller in no time, and produce a stunning, sexy cleavage. Use a dark colored bronzer and apply it on the area between your breasts. It is considered best to use a brush to avoid careless streaks that can become hard to wipe off and show off your secret.

Make sure to apply the bronzer over the area from the start of the cleavage line to the point where the strap of the bra meets the cup. Repeat the same process on the other side as well.

Once you apply the bronzer to the sides, apply some more to the cleavage present in between the breasts. Blend the color with the natural skin tone to create a V shape effect. This would make your cleavage appear deeper and more attractive.

Applying a dark colored bronzer on the cleavage area can be complemented with a lighter colored base makeup on the visible portion of the breasts. Accordingly, you can apply a light colored eye shadow or face powder on the breasts to highlight them and the cleavage as well.

Touching Up

Complete the look by applying some more bronzer on the cleavage area and blending it in with the skin tone. Take a final look to make sure that there are no visible mistakes before heading out. And make sure to check and touch up your cleavage makeup at regular intervals to avoid embarrassing situations.