Some Useful Home Remedies For Sinusitis

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byCarole/ 02 Aug 2020

Some Useful Home Remedies For Sinusitis

The sinuses are most easily defined as passages that are present in the facial area of your body. These sinuses are present around the nasal area of the body, the frontal ones being located next to your eyebrows whereas the maxillary ones are present in the cheekbone area of your face.

The ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses are situated in the area in the region between both your eyes. On a normal basis, these sinuses do not give a person any kind of discomfort, but in the event that they get infected, the person goes through a lot of discomfort and pain due to the inflammation of the sinuses. Sinusitis, as this is commonly referred to, is the inflammation of the membranes of the sinuses.

These membranes are lined with mucous and once they get inflamed, they tend to block up the nasal passages and thereby hinder regular, normal breathing. Sinusitis normally occurs after the occurrence of a common cold or any other respiratory infection. The germs that have caused those conditions trigger the sinuses, causing them to block up and become troublesome. Many times these infections are bacterial or viral in nature but there have been cases where sinusitis has occurred due to an allergic reaction to something.

Not only does sinusitis cause difficulty in breathing due to mucous build-up, it also causes a lot of pain in the facial area. The additional pressure that is created due to this build-up is what causes the pain and heaviness. There are many cases of sinusitis that get resolved within a day or two. Acute cases of this condition however, take very much longer and are often recurrent in their nature. Like many other ailments, there are numerous remedies available in nature that can give prompt relief to the sufferer.


Fenugreek seeds are exceptionally beneficial in providing relief to those suffering from mild and even acute cases of sinusitis. These seeds are ideally used in the form of a tea that can easily be prepared at home. Boil a spoonful of these seeds in a cup of water and allow brewing for a few minutes.

Strain this liquid and consume this tea so as to cleanse the body, particularly the sinuses of any toxic substances that might be the cause of the infection. Fenugreek seeds when consumed as a tea, induce excessive perspiration which is an ideal way to cleanse your body. It also helps to unclog the blocked sinuses by causing the mucous build-up to melt away due to the increase in the body heat.

Cumin seeds

These seeds have a very strong and distinct smell. It is this very property of cumin seeds that make it very useful in providing relief to those suffering from cases of sinusitis. The ideal way of using cumin seeds for this purpose, is to lightly roast a handful of cumin seeds and crush them coarsely.

Wrap these roughly crushed cumin seeds in a thin muslin cloth and tie up the loose ends so as to form a bag. Hold this bag next to your nose and breathe the vapours in with deep breaths. These vapours work wonders in sinusitis cases as they help to open up the blocked nasal passages.

Warm compresses

One of the most effective and quick ways to provide relief from the pain and swelling associated with sinusitis is to induce the melting of the mucous with heat. The best way of doing that is by putting warm cloth pieces over the sinus areas of a person. Make sure that the cloth is not too hot as this could cause even more pain and also burning of the skin.

Use warm cloth pieces on the nasal area and on the forehead area and continue this procedure by changing the cooled off cloth pieces for warmer ones. Follow this procedure for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. You are sure to experience quick relief due to the melting way of mucous deposits from the sinuses.

Steam inhalation

An age old remedy for any kind of congestion, is steam inhalation. The hot vapours from the water, go upwards through the nose and mouth, causing the blocked up mucous deposits to melt away. Heat some water till it starts steaming. Put this water in a basin and lean your head over it. In order to keep the vapours from rapidly escaping, get a clean, dry bath towel and put it over your head and the basin while doing inhalation.

Inhale these warm vapours for about fifteen minutes at a stretch. This procedure can be repeated about three or four times each day, depending on the severity of the sinus condition. Adding a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the hot water before inhalation, will provide more effective results as eucalyptus oil is very beneficial in clearing up nasal congestion.


Garlic is one of nature’s best known antibiotics. Garlic is highly beneficial for the human body and its consumption in sufficient amounts, is mandatory for one’s health. In the case of sinusitis, garlic’s primary ingredient Allicin, is very valuable. It is this very ingredient that is responsible for the characteristic odour given out by garlic, especially on cutting or crushing it. Garlic helps to tackle the very cause of the inflammation in the sinuses, thus giving relief that is not just momentary. Garlic can be consumed raw, in the form of herbal tea or as supplements that can be taken daily.


This powerful and natural enzyme has been widely used in cases of sinusitis. Many health experts agree that this enzyme plays a key role in eliminating the presence of any infection that could be causing the sinuses to flare up. While doing so, bromelain also helps tackle the other symptoms associated with this complaint, such as pain, heaviness and swelling. One of the best sources of bromelain is pineapple. Include fresh pineapple in your diet or drink some pineapple juice at intervals throughout the day, on order to gain the benefits of this wonder enzyme, bromelain.