The Easy To Make Classic Mai Tai Recipe

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byCarole/ 01 Sep 2019

The Easy To Make Classic Mai Tai Recipe

If, sipping a Classic Cocktail on a lay back afternoon is your idea of spending a good idle day?Then Here Is A Classic Cocktail Recipe To Indulge Drinking In. Mai Tai or Maita’i is an exotic Tahitian, Hawaiian alcoholic cocktail. As the very name literally means in Tahiti, “out of this world”. It is a popular drink of the 50s and 60s found in almost every restaurant and bar around the world even today, especially tiki themed restaurants. This is a popular tropical drink of the tiki culture. This drink has 11 distinct recipes and 3 of Trader Vic’s, (1944) one of the acclaimed inventors of the drink apart from Don The Beachcomber, (1933 – 37) whose recipe of the same drink seem to have been lost many years ago. The core ingredient of this cocktail is rum. It is on of the simplest, most delicious drink and you can enjoy the classic taste of this classic drink by following this very classic recipe.

Here Are Tips To Prepare Mai Tai

Ingredients-You Will Need

1 ounce of light rum 1 ounce of dark rum 1/2 ounce of lime juice 1/2 ounce of orange curacao 1/2 ounce of orgeat syrup Maraschino cherry for garnish And ice cubes


A drink shaker and an old fashioned glass

Preparation Method

You need to first pour all the ingredients into a shaker including some ice cubes, except the dark rum. Keep the dark rum aside; left out to be poured right at the end. Shake all the ingredients until all are mixed well. Then using a strainer, strain the contents into an old fashioned glass (recommended, to add a classy touch to the drink) half filled with ice cubes.

Finally, pour on top the dark rum and garnish it with the maraschino cherry or in any other way you like, to add a personalized touch of your own. Your classic, delicious, alcoholic cocktail is ready to be served or for self consumption accompanied by a plater of delicacies. Best suited with an afternoon meal with friends or family.


This is the closest to the original first cocktail prepared by either Don or Vic; although the original may have undergone several alteration from its early days, yet its taste has still lingered in keeping this classic drink still alive and savored. The modern version of this drink also substitutes orange juice or pineapple juice to lime juice, or both are added together to enhance the taste of the drink.

What You Can Do

Now that you have the recipe to a classic drink, be assured to impress your guests at the next party or gathering you are to throw. The best drink to chill out with your friends and family, savor the feel of being at the “top of the world!”