Top 5 Cocktail Food Recipes

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byCarole/ 13 Dec 2018

Top 5 Cocktail Food Recipes

Make your holiday cocktail parties posh and impeccable with elegant cocktail food. Create and innovate various Hors D’Oeuvres to give your guests a cocktail party they will never forget. Here are the most popular cocktail food recipes to ensure a successful party during the holiday season.

Different Cocktail Food Recipes

Asparagus Spring Rolls

For committed vegetarians out there the Asparagus Spring Roll cocktail food with sweet chili sauce would be a mouthwatering treat in the parties. All you need is a pound of asparagus, a three quarter cup of fresh mint leaves, a few cilantro leaves, a choice between mango and papaya, red bell pepper, ginger, salted and roasted peanuts, bean sprouts and any standard rice paper spring roll wrapper. This recipe will provide appetizers with cocktail drinks and can be served to at the most four people. The red chili dipping sauce has to be made separately with a dash of lime juice to sweeten the mix.

White Bean Dip

Another favorite and a very popular dish during cocktail parties is the White Bean Dip. It is undeniably a very easy dish to prepare. All you need is 2 cups of cooked white beans, peeled garlic cloves, a quarter cup of virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 grated rinds of lemon. All these items have to be tossed into the food processor along with salt and pepper. It only takes a couple of minutes to form into a thick paste and can be served instantly. The dip can be had with corn crackers, rice cakes, bread slices and pretzels.

Caviar Hearts

For stylish and sophisticated parties the Caviar Heart cocktail food recipe is without a doubt a top pick. The choice of red caviar can be taken from roe, salmon, tobiko or lumpfish. You would require refined white bread, premium sour cream, chives and a cookie cutter to shape the caviar into hearts while serving. During the party place the bite-sized thinly sliced white bread onto a platter and shape the caviar heart on top of it. Smoothly apply the sour cream on top of the red caviar and serve instantly. This is one of the easiest cocktail food mixes and requires no preparation time.

Mushroom Chips And Dip

One of the most traditional cocktail foods now has a flamboyant twist. The Mushroom Chips and Dips recipe can be customized to fit the right party and set the right mood. All you need is 12 white button mushrooms, half a cup of roasted pesto, half a cup of sour cream and lemon. The mushrooms have to be lightly grilled until they reach the perfect texture. Jostle the mushroom slices onto a thin wooden dipping stick and serve with the pesto dip. For seasoning salt and pepper can be used as well.

Smoked Salmon With Caviar

When it comes to party Hors D’Oeuvres and cocktail food recipes the Smoked Salmon with Blinis and Caviar takes the last stand. For preparation you would require smoked salmon, sour cream, lemon, blinis from your local specialized store, 2 ounces of black caviar and fresh dill. The Blinis need to be warmed in an oven or a grill. When warmed place the Blinis on a clean white platter, gently place the sliced salmon on the Blini and paste a lair of sour cream on it. Smoothly put the black or red caviar on top of the sour cream and serve instantly.