Types Of Thongs

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byCarole/ 26 Sep 2021

Types Of Thongs

Why do women wear thongs? For many reasons, thongs have been a staple for a variety of outfits. From sporty to sexy and casual, it’s a combination of flirty and versatility. There are several types of thongs to choose from. And you might be wondering - which thong should you wear with a particular outfit? Life Martini is here to help you figure that out.

In this blog, we’ll learn how to use these practical pieces that are sultry and fun to wear. Thongs come in all shapes and sizes, so there’s a piece for every woman.

The Pros & Cons

Most women say wearing a thong feels comfortable with the right fit and fabric. From satin to lace and cotton, these fabrics promise the most comfort. One of the main uses of thongs is to hide visible panty lines, especially when you’re wearing tight-fitting skirts and pants. Of course, let’s not forget the confidence level it brings because we feel sexy and fun.

Depending on the types of thongs, there are some potential downsides to it too. If some women feel comfortable, those who haven’t found the right fit won’t feel the same way. It can be the most uncomfortable undergarment ever made. Not to mention the possibility of having infections like UTI. Moreover, it’s not napkin-friendly. So if you want to put on pantyliners or napkins for periods, it won’t be possible.

Different Types Of Thongs

Get to know the types of thongs to learn which one works for you. Choose the best size and fabric to get the ultimate comfort.

• The G-String, C-String, and V-String
• Strappy Cut Out
• Lace Bonded Thong
• The Cheeky

Thongs For All Occasions

Choose a thong that flatters your figure. Depending on the clothes you’re wearing and the activity you’re doing, the type of thong will vary. If you need a thong for something sporty, a seamless cotton thong works great for exercise and casual clothes.

If you are going on a date night wearing a thin dress, a string thong works well since the straps and back are super thin, making it less prominent. Moreover, strappy thongs hug your curves which accentuates your best features. Be adventurous and play with different styles and fabrics.