What Does Your Drink Say About You

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byCarole/ 17 Feb 2019

What Does Your Drink Say About You

Ever wondered that your glass of drink has something to say about you? Well, yes, what you order to drink creates a mirror image of you. Forget psychoanalysis, a peep into your companion’s drink can also give you a fairly decent idea of their basic personality. The rest, shall we say, is down to brass trick.

Here Is What Your Glass Of Alcohol Speaks About You


Whiskey person is wild and whacky, as you like the rocky terrains of life. You are a warrior attracted to power and that is the real drug of your life. You are always on your extreme end of the spectrum and live life on the edge because there’s nothing like adventure to give you that instant high. You dream big and take the plunge believing that you would crawl out of any hole which you fall into not bothering about the risk involved in it.


Tequila shots are for adventurers who are in search of the adrenaline rush. A sure fire way to add colour to life and an instant feel good factor. Tomorrow’s a long way off and well, who cares? You live for today. This drink is for dreamers, you are game for anything which comes your way. You’re probably to give a ‘shot’ to all that which life throws at you, with a tangy twist-just like the lemon and salt which accompany this fiery drink. You’re full of life and what you believe is live life king size.


Your very first rule in life is ‘Safety First’ but you do not mind taking some calculated risk. You’re completely happy with life and the way it treats you and also you are a picture of contentment. A classy drink with a tinge of alcohol make you a person with no in-your-face bitterness or the uncontrolled high. You prefer a semblance of balance and within a measure of drink just like everything else in your life.

White Wine:

Wanna feel high without getting raving drunk, then this Light, crisp and spunky white wine is exactly the one you’re looking for or people who choose to drink white wine. This drink has ‘drinker friendly’ stamped all over it. And, white wine is a perfect solution for those soirees when you want something to sip on all evening without losing a grip of your senses.

Red Wine:

A glass of red wine is a conversation starter and an indication that you appreciate the finer aspect of life. It means that you’re mature in your outlook and are quite orderly person who firmly believes in alphabetizing anything and everything that comes your way.


Beer person is a happy go luck person with effervescence in your middle name. You’re a creative bunch with a dash of eccentricity and also don’t stop experimenting new things in life. Party lovers who always like being in a group. Order isn’t your mug of beer as you can be messy at times and love it too! So, cheers as you enjoy every bit of your life as it comes and enjoy life to its fullest.


Holding a champagne flute gives an impression of sophistication. Champagne is all about celebrations of good things happening in your life, giving it ‘A sign of victory’. Needless to say, it shows that winning is a way of life for you and nothing but the absolute best would really do. Elegance and Richness never go out of vogue and we agree.


Spotting a glass of martini really means that you know drink very well and your way around the liquor menu as well. A perfect meaning of style and elegance that makes you precise in knowing what you want, at least from your drink. This drink has been the inspiration for many ever since, it is irrevocably inspired by James Bond, who loves his martini dry with an olive. Martini drinkers are people with a class and elegance.


Vodka is a real symbol of dignity and sophistication along with a passion for taking the change. You’re always ahead with the world and abreast of all that’s going on in your circle. Contemporary and quirky, you are a person who follows your own heart and are not scared to take a detour to reach your goals. That makes you a brave person that believes in taking risks and enjoy life to its fullest.


Love for vintage is what rum drinkers are called as. A classic drink spots that you are quite predictable and firmly grounded to terra firma. You like keeping things straight and simple, not much of a risk taker, are you? You always prefer tried and tested form of life, as well what holds good for age is undoubtedly holds good for you.

So, a classy personality with a simple lifestyle makes you a man with principle.