Alcina Royal Cleansing Hair Shampoo 1250ml

Alcina Royal Cleansing Hair Shampoo 1250ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Shampoo
Brand: Alcina

There is no doubt about it. Healthy, sleek hair which is both glossy and voluminous is key to your well-being. That’s why the right hair care is so very important. This starts with hair washing. However, not all shampoos are the same. This is why the nourishing Royal Hair Shampoo from Alcina has been developed for daily use. A shampoo with a gentle cleansing effect which ensures vital and fresh-looking hair. A special and natural active ingredient complex gives the hair bounce, sleekness and shine. For results which you can see and feel. Hair washing with a difference: The intensive care Alcina Royal Hair Shampoo treats both the hair and the sensitive scalp. Natural moisturising substances give the scalp and hair new vitality and restore a healthy balance in the hair. The result: The scalp is normalised and the hair is prevented from quickly becoming greasy again. The hair’s health is restored and has a new shine and strength. This is thanks to the natural and luxurious treatment from Alcina Royal Hair Shampoo.