Alcina Royal Shiny Hair Conditioner 1250ml

Alcina Royal Shiny Hair Conditioner 1250ml
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Brand: Alcina

What woman doesn’t want to stand out with beautiful hair? Yet stress and environmental factors often have a negative impact on our hair. Frequent hair washing puts an additional strain on the hair’s surface. The Alcina Royal Conditioner redresses this problem. The intensive conditioner from the Royal Hair Care series intensifies and boosts the effectiveness of the Royal Hair Pack if used beforehand. The result is breathtaking. The hair looks sleek, beautiful and healthy again. The rich conditioner from Alcina is a gentle combination of care and regeneration. Work evenly into the lengths and ends either after using the Royal Hair Pack or directly after shampooing. Leave in briefly. Rinse. Beautiful hair is as easy as that: Supple, vividly coloured hair with enhanced resilience and improved combability. For a perfect style and dazzling first impression.