Allegro Natura Organic Shampoo Bar 80 ml

Allegro Natura Organic Shampoo Bar 80 ml
Categories: Hair care, Shampoo
Brand: Allegro Natura
Size: 80 ml
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Allegro Natura Organic, 80 ml, Shampoo Bars for Women, These days, every step towards nature preservation counts. Allegro Natura Organic shampoo bar has the same effects as a standard liquid shampoo - plus it’s eco-friendly and very practical. Give it a chance and you’ll soon understand why it simply has to become part of your cosmetic stash. Characteristics: cleans the hair and scalp thoroughly regenerates and nourishes hair shampoo in solid form is perfect for air travel Ingredients: vegan product How to use: Get your hair as well as the shampoo thoroughly wet. Lather up the product in your palms and then massage the foam gently into your hair.