Arganmer Moisture-Lock Styling Set

Arganmer Moisture-Lock Styling Set
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Cream
Brand: Arganmer

Arganmer Moisture-Lock Styling Set contains:- Arganmer Hydrating Shampoo, 250ml with pure Moroccan argan oil is suitable for all hair types.Looking for the right shampoo that will not dry your hair? The Arganmer Moisturizing Shampoo thoroughly cleans, leaving natural hair grease. This is a great choice for protecting dry or dull hair and maintaining radiance.- Arganmer Hydrating Conditioner, 250ml with pure Moroccan argan oil is suitable for all hair types.Frequent dyeing, chemical treatments and hairstyles can damage your hair. This moisturizing Arganmer conditioner with argan oil, is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, is ideal to restore the shine of your hair, ensuring healthy, glossy and silky smooth finish.- Arganmer Fresh Moisturising Cream, 250ml - light moisturizing curly hair cream with pure Moroccan argan oil.Enriched with a luxurious source of vitamin E - Argan Oil, Arganmer Moisturising Cream is the ideal choice for managing unruly curls and rough, wavy hair. Create a stylish hairstyle while giving the hair a luxurious look, forget the split ends and breaking hair.