Beardburys Mini Set for Him

Beardburys Mini Set for Him
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Product details
Brand: Beardburys

Set contains:- Beardburys 3in1 Shampoo, Conditioner and Gel 330ml. Take full advantage of the most comprehensive and versatile hair treatment. Delicately cleanses your hair, with a conditioning effect that softens your hair and cleans your body.- Beardburys Boomer 2in1 Extra-Strong Spray 400ml. Fix any style of hairstyle or create volumes and prolong its duration all day with an ultra-fast drying. Provides a natural finish to the hair and protects it from moisture. Light: it does not flatten or crush the hairstyle. It is easily removed with a simple brushing without leaving residues. Includes two sprayers to adapt to each hairstyle technique. Does not contain C.F.C.Fixation 5/5 Shine 2/5