Beardburys Shaving and Haircare Set

Beardburys Shaving and Haircare Set
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Shampoo
Brand: Beardburys

Set contains: - Beardburys Daily Shampoo 330ml. Soft frequent use shampoo, sulfate- and paraben- free, for maximum scalp care. Anti-Oxidising vitamin E for healthier hair. Mentholated aroma for a fresh sensation. Contains thyme to purify and deep clean. Suitable for sensible scalps.- Beardburys Shaving Foam 200ml. High-density shaving foam with which you will achieve a smooth shave with zero irritation. Beardburys shaving foam is designed for sensitive skin with a tendency to irritate with shaving. Beardburys shaving foam forms a layer on the skin that prevents the blade or razor from coming into direct contact with the dermis even after several passes, achieving a smooth glide. Contains Aloe Vera that nourishes and helps repair the skin naturally after shaving.- Beardburys Balsamo After Shave 150ml. Maximum cooling sensation on the skin after shaving. Soothing and regenerating balm with a rich formulation of hyaluronic acid with antioxidant action.