Beautylab Amber Infusion Skincare Set

Beautylab Amber Infusion Skincare Set
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Product details
Brand: BeautyLab

Uniting a trio of deluxe-size facial products, the BeautyLab Amber Infusion Skincare Set has been meticulously designed with luxurious, precious gemstones and skin-loving minerals. With the focus on achieving a vital, radiant and younger looking - yet totally indulged - complexion, it delivers beautiful results, every time. BeautyLab Crystals & Minerals Liquid Serum 15ml Recharge skin’s vitality and radiance with this indulgent yet intelligent, nourishing serum concentrate. Containing precious gemstones and oils, combined with replenishing minerals, it helps to increase skin density and elasticity while improving its texture and glow. Soothing antioxidants help to maintain skin youth. The complexion is left firm, healthier looking and vibrant. Main Actives: Amber Resin Oil • Gold • Silver • Copper • Amethyst • Sapphire • Topaz • Jade • Mineral Complex BeautyLab Mineral Hydrating Complex 15ml Boost skin’s elasticity, firmness and radiance with this luxurious, replenishing complex. A blend of bio-available minerals increases skin density, boosts cellular productivity and enhances texture and brightness. Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe, as its high antioxidant content protects against damaging pollution, helping to keep skin looking younger. The complexion is left revitalised, soft and glowing. Main Actives: Amber Resin Oil • Zinc • Iron • Silicon • Copper • Magnesium BeautyLab Amber Facial Oil 15ml Unveil luminous skin lustre and nourish the senses with this lavishly formulated blend. Nurturing oils of warming amber, grounding frankincense, calming sandalwood and rose (the ‘queen of flowers’) beautifully come together to relax and uplift the mind. Meanwhile, youth-preserving skin oils - rich in vitamins, essential fatty acids and antioxidants - deliver superior water-locking moisturisation, to deeply replenish, soften and soothe the complexion. Main Actives: Amber Resin Oil • Rosehip Seed Oil • Hemp Seed Oil • Marula Oil • Babassu Oil • Baobab Oil • Cherry Kernel Oil • Rose Oil • Frankincense Oil • Sandalwood Oil