BIOCOS academy Bio Silk Natural Hair Mask 200ml

BIOCOS academy Bio Silk Natural Hair Mask 200ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: BIOCOS academy

Bio-cosmetics Academy added a new product for hair line - a natural hair mask, which is formulated from natural, organic materials. Hair mask contains no silicones, parabens and other synthetic ingredients.Hair mask contains natural silk and panthenol which reduce dryness of the scalp, hair roughness and split tips caused by dry air, hair dryer or formation. The hair becomes supple, soft, easier to comb.Broccoli seed oil, one of mask ingredients, is like a natural silicone for hair which gives a natural and healthy shine. Broccoli oil is rich in erucic acid (~ 50%), so it smoothers the hair surface, prevents the bristle, strengthens tips, reduces splitting.Hair mask is enriched with one of the best hair care oils - macadamia, coconut and argan oils. Macadamia oil is particularly well absorbed into the hair, it softens and helps restore damaged hair follicle, returns its elasticity and shine. The argan and coconut oils nourish and moisturize hair, make them glow, strengthen hair roots.Hair mask does not contain parabens, silicones and other synthetic substances or alcohol, negatively affecting hair and scalp. Ingredients, as well as natural, organic preservatives, such as, GSB are used in this hair mask.Ultra-rich composition of hair mask is suitable for all hair types.