Brave New Hair Candy Hair Set Kit

Brave New Hair Candy Hair Set Kit
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Product details
Categories: Hair care,Mask
Brand: Brave New Hair

Candy restoring and nourishing therapy is innovative care for the hair in a gift set. The set contains: - Sweet ampoules 6 vials x 10ml. Containing the awarded Brave Plex ingredient. Creates deep acting molecule bonds strengthening the keratin structure of the hair. The hair is protected against the negative effects of chemical and thermal treatments during dyeing. The tearing is reduced, and the hair styling is improved. - Hair Jam 250ml. Aromatic hair mask with olive, cranberry, black currant, fig and plum oils. The hair is nourished and resistant to external harmful impacts. The hair is protected against split ends. At the same time the hair is softer and more glamorous. Using the jam in combination with the ampoules improves the efficiency of the product. - Hair Brush. Elegant brush that prevents the hair from tearing.