Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray 100Ml

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray 100Ml
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Product details
Brand: Charlotte Tilbury

Primes & sets for up to 16 hours! A delicately scented, long-lasting setting spray that weightlessly sets the look of your makeup without melting, fading or settling into fine lines. Instantly lock in your look for makeup magic that looks ‘just applied’! It is hydrating and fixing - your everyday invisible shield to seal in your magic makeup look… the ultimate AIRBRUSH MAKEUP FIX! CHARLOTTE QUOTE “Darlings, I am so excited to reveal my NEW! AIRBRUSH FLAWLESS SETTING SPRAY. THIS SETTING SPRAY IS A MAGICAL BEAUTY AMPLIFIER inspired by the SMOOTHING, PORE-BLURRING EFFECTS of my world-famous AIRBRUSH MAKEUP family. My INNOVATIVE, NEXT-GENERATION, HIGH-PERFORMANCE Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray has been created out of a NEED for a LIGHT-AS-AIR, OIL-FREE, LONG-LASTING SETTING SPRAY THAT PRIMES AND SETS MAKEUP! As a makeup artist for over 27 years, I have never been satisfied with setting sprays on the market. The formulas can often be drying, tacky or have a lacquering effect that would distract and detract from the makeup look; Where I applied GLOW and RADIANCE, they would dull and mattify; Where I applied rich layers of TEXTURE and TONE, they would smudge and disrupt, Where I applied NUANCES OF COLOUR, they would blend and cancel out colour… So, it was MY MISSION to create a setting spray that would CREATE THE PERFECT CANVAS FOR MAKEUP MAGIC AND GIVE A FLAWLESS FINISH! THIS SETTING SPRAY IS A MAGICAL BEAUTY AMPLIFIER! It understands the nuances of light and shade, of smooth and shine, of dimension and definition. It’s all about making you look flawless and poreless AND perfecting the look of your makeup! It’s not tacky, sticky, drying or cakey. Texturally, I wanted a WEIGHTLESS VEIL that could create an airbrushed, perfected makeup look and work in harmony with your foundation, bronzer and powder to create a FLAWLESS look that lasts. While a lot of setting sprays are full of nasties that can irritate and upset skin, I designed my FIRST EVER, 5-YEARS-IN-THE-MAKING setting spray to have a magic matrix of complexion-enhancing ingredients from SMOOTHING Aloe Vera to HYDRATING Japanese Green Tea to PORE-BLURRING Aromatic Resin. It is hydrating yet fixing yet lightweight, to keep your makeup in place and leave your skin feeling silky-soft to the touch! With an uplifting FRESH, FLORAL SCENT, it will give you the olfactory, sensory experience of a day at the spa and keep your makeup looking refreshed from RED CARPET TO RUNWAY TO REAL LIFE! Whether you are working 9-9 or in a humid climate or you have an event, this setting spray will enhance the look of and lasting power of your makeup! It is your beauty best friend - for every makeup artist, every bride, every supermodel and star…everyone who wants to HAVE THE PERFECT LOOKING MAKEUP DAY, EVERY DAY. It’s your FIRST & FINAL FLAWLESS, GOODNESS-GIVING STEP in your makeup routine!” - Charlotte Tilbury. WHAT DOES IT DO? - Oil-free, non-tacky, lightweight, high performance makeup setting spray for setting makeup and improving make-up longevity. - Perfectly sets the look of makeup all day without the makeup melting, fading or settling into lines. USER TRIAL RESULTS WHEN USED TO PRIME AND SET MAKEUP* 99% of users agree the product is lightweight 99% of users agree the product creates a weightless veil 96% of users agree the product weightlessly sets your makeup 94% of users agree the product improves makeup longevity - Primes and sets makeup up to 16 hours without melting, fading or settling into lines - Primes and sets makeup up to 16 hours - Perfectly fixes makeup - Makeup stays looking fresh - Makeup stays in place all day *Tested on 100 women. WHAT MAKES IT MAGIC? - Flawless Film Formers: acting as an invisible shield to flawlessly set makeup all day without any melting, fading or settling into lines. - Aloe Vera: containing vitamins and minerals. Skin is left feeling smooth and supple. - Japanese Green Tea: an anti-oxidant that helps to preserve the natural moisture barrier for softer, hydrated feeling skin. - Aromatic Resin: an aromatic resin from the bark of a tree grown on the Greek Island of Chios which blurs the appearance of pores. SETTING SPRAY SCENT NOTES: Top: Fresh, Fruity, Hint of Citrus, Peach, Apple Middle: Jasmine, Gardenia, White Flowers, Lily, Rose Bottom: Sweet Musk, Coconut