Charlotte Tilbury Magic Trilogy Set

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Trilogy Set
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Product details
Brand: Charlotte Tilbury

CHARLOTTE’S 3 STEP RESEARCH-POWERED TRILOGY FOR GLOWING, SMOOTHER, PLUMPER LOOKING SKIN!! THE POWER OF THREE - INSTANT & LONG-TERM RESULTS - EASY-TO-USE, EASY-TO-CHOOSE, EASY-TO-GIFT - NOW AVAILABLE WITH NEW! MAGIC REFILLS Charlotte has designed her MAGIC SKINCARE TRILOGY to work in UNISON with each other, supporting the skin day and night. It’s the ULTIMATE TRANSFORMATIVE TRIO FOR 24 HOURS OF MAGIC SKIN! THREE AWARD-WINNING FORMULAS TO WORK MIRACLES ON YOUR SKIN! Start with CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC EYE RESCUE: THE PERFECT ANTIDOTE TO TIRED LOOKING EYES. Glide on the FAMOUS INSTANT TURNAROUND MOISTURISER, CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC CREAM, by day to HYDRATE, SMOOTH AND PLUMP the LOOK of skin. Finish with CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC NIGHT CREAM, a decadent, supercharged BEAUTY SLEEP IN A CREAM-ELIXIR to help you WAKE UP WITH THE BEST-LOOKING SKIN OF YOUR LIFE! “Darlings, THESE ARE THE THREE PRODUCTS I NEVER DO MAKEUP WITHOUT. My celebrity clients cannot live without my award-winning Magic Trilogy!"-Charlotte Tilbury STEP 1 CHARLOTTE’S AWARD-WINNING MAGIC EYE RESCUE A SMOOTHING, BRIGTHENING EYE CREAM TO REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF WRINKLES, DARK CIRCLES AND PUFFINESS ON TIRED-LOOKING EYES. CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC EYE RESCUE INSTANTLY GETS TO WORK -smoothing and brightening the appearance of the undereye area, with a cream-rich texture that GLIDES OVER FINE LINES AND WRINKLES, BRIGHTENS the APPEARANCE of dark circles, while providing a cooling, soothing effect to reduce the look of puffiness for an INSTANT EYE REFRESH.> USER TRIAL RESULTS:* - 97% agree skin FEELS INSTANTLY HYDRATED - 94% AGREE EYE AREA FEELS BATHED IN COMFORT AND CARE - 94% AGREE SKIN LOOKS AND FEELS SMOOTHER - 92% AGREE EYES APPEAR ENERGISED - 91% AGREE EYES APPEAR MORE AWAKE - 91% AGREE FINE LINES, WRINKLES & CROWS FEET APPEAR SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED - 90% AGREE EYES APPEAR YOUNGER - 89% AGREE CREAM GIVES THE APPEARANCE OF A FULL NIGHT’S REST/8 HRS SLEEP - 89% AGREE EYE CONTOUR LOOKS HEALTHY & RADIANT - 89% AGREE EYES APPEAR LIFTED CLINICAL TRIAL RESULTS:** - BOOST THE APPEARANCE OF RADIANCE BY 329% - SKIN LOOKS SMOOTHER BY 301% - EYES APPEAR LESS PUFFY BY 79% - DARK CIRCLES APPEAR REDUCED BY 68% - SKIN TONE APPEARS MORE EVEN BY 117% - SKIN APPEARS MORE ELASTIC BY 35% - HYPERPIGMENTATION APPEARS REDUCED BY 71% - SKIN FEELS FIRMER BY 219% - WRINKLES APPEAR REDUCED BY 72% * 103 PEOPLE TESTED OVER 4 WEEKS USING ONCE DAILY ** 30 PEOPLE TESTED OVER 8 WEEKS USING ONCE DAILY BOTANICAL EYE CONTOUR COMPLEX: HELPS TO DE-PUFF & REDUCE THE APPEARANCE OF DARK CIRCLES Derived from rice & soy peptides, this skin soothing complex can help reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. The contour complex reduces the appearance of puffiness by 25%** and reduces the look of dark circles by 38%** for a youthful, dewy effect. WINTER DAPHNE STEM CELL EXTRACT: TIGHTENS & FIRMS THE APPEARANCE OF DELICATE UNDER-EYE SKIN This plant stem cell extract helps the thinner and more delicate skin around the eyes with its strengthening, firming properties. It helps to recreate the appearance of tighter & firmer-feeling skin. TIME-RELEASED RETINOL MOLECULES: ICONIC HERO INGREDIENT FOR SMOOTHER, FIRMER LOOKING SKIN Charlotte’s time-released retinol works hour-by-hour to smooth and contour the appearance of the skin. The skin around the eyes appears younger and more radiant as if lit-from-within. RED ALGAE MARIGEL: STRENGTHENING AND SOOTHING PROPERTIES Red Algae, a “second skin”-inspired ingredient, rich in Calcium & Magnesium which helps and form a protective skin filter effect. SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE: ENERGISING AND MOISTURISING PROPERTIES Inspired by an isotonic drink, this ingredient gives energy to your skin, hydrating and replenishing for a firmer, brighter look. COCONUT OIL & SHEA BUTTER: natural skin saviours which help condition, hydrate and nourish the skin CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC 8: MATRIX OF OILS AND INGREDIENTS including BioNymph Peptide, Frangipani and Vitamin A, C & E for a gorgeous glow STEP 2 -DAY CHARLOTTE’S AWARD-WINNING, BEST-SELLING MOISTURISER, MAGIC CREAM MAGIC CREAM IS MAGIC SKIN! - FAMOUS INSTANT TURNAROUND MOISTURISER - LOVED BY CELEBRITIES AND SUPERMODELS - THE MAGIC DEW OF YOUTH AND LUMINOSITY IN A JAR Originally created backstage to prep and transform the look of models’ skin before fashion shows, this rich, supercharged moisturiser became so iconic Charlotte had to bottle it! The REVOLUTIONARY, RESULTS-DRIVEN FORMULA floods your skin with moisture for a glowing, plumper-looking canvas! “THE AMAZING THING ABOUT THIS CREAM IS THAT IT DOESN’T TAKE 28 DAYS… YOU SEE THE VISUAL RESULTS IN JUST 28 SECONDS! THAT’S WHAT MADE PEOPLE TRUST AND BELIEVE IN THE MAGIC… AND THAT’S WHY THEY CALLED IT CHARLOTTE’S MAGIC CREAM.” - CHARLOTTE TILBURY USER TRIAL RESULTS - SPF VERSION:* - 99% AGREE THEY SAW A SMOOTHING EFFECT - 98% AGREE SKIN FELT INSTANTLY MOISTURISED - 96% AGREE COMPLEXION IS INSTANTLY GLOWING - 96% AGREE SKIN APPEARS YOUNGER - 96% AGREE SKIN TONE IS MORE EVEN - 95% AGR