Curlsmith Shine Conditioner 355Ml

Curlsmith Shine Conditioner 355Ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair Styling,Shine
Brand: Curlsmith

This is the best all-round conditioner. Lightweight in texture but rich in moisture, the Curlsmith Shine Conditioner is colour-safe and suitable for all hair types, from straight to the tightest coils. It helps nourish and soften strands while enhancing hair shine and vibrancy. Fragrance-free and dermatologically tested, this super gentle conditioner is suitable for everyone, even the most sensitive scalps! The absence of perfume or essential oils means it really doesn’t smell of anything (and it doesn’t stink like some other options out there, Curlsmith promise!), so you can easily layer it with all your favourite products or hair fragrance, without contrasting their scent. WHO IS IT FOR? All curl types, and even straight hair! Suitable for any hair thickness or porosity. Particularly beneficial for people who have sensitive scalps or fragrance sensitivities.