D-Lab Nutricosmetics Stress Relief Complex 60Ml

D-Lab Nutricosmetics Stress Relief Complex 60Ml
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The Stress Relief Complex is composed of active adaptogens appreciated for their regulating power on the nervous, hormonal and immune systems allowing to increase the body’s resistance to stress. This adaptogen complex acts in depth to fight against the effects of stress on the body, soothe nervous tension and fight against sleep disorders. 1- IMPROVES THE BODY’S RESISTANCE TO STRESS The Letting Go Complex is composed of a wide spectrum of adaptogenic active ingredients known to normalize the body’s functions and improve stress management in a lasting way. - The extract of eschscholtzia, cultivated according to the rules of the organic farming, supports the relaxation and the relaxation and allows to reduce the symptoms related to the stress. - Lion’s mane, a native extract 4 times more concentrated in active ingredients than the whole mushroom, recognized for its benefits on stress, fatigue and nervous tension. 2- PROMOTES RESTFUL SLEEP A complex of regulating active ingredients that targets the neuro-hormonal system to sustainably improve the quality of sleep and promote peaceful and restful nights. - The extract of schisandra chinensis makes it possible to fight against the sleep disorders and supports a deep sleep. - The extract of eschscholtzia, 4 times more concentrated than the dry plant, recognized to facilitate the endormissement and to support a repairing sleep. 3- SUPPORTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM The active ingredients with antimicrobial properties have a localized action on the immune system to improve the body’s natural defenses. - Eleutherococcus extract, 4 times more concentrated than the dry plant, has a broad-spectrum antiviral activity that helps strengthen and improve the immune system. - The extract of shiitake with antimicrobial properties allows to stimulate the immune system. - Organic reishi, extracted from the whole mushroom, helps to stimulate the immune system and maintain the body’s balance.