Davines Oi Liquid Luster 300Ml

Davines Oi Liquid Luster 300Ml
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Product details
Categories: Hair Styling,Shine
Brand: Davines

Water-like treatment for instantly shiny and silky hair. Davines OI Liquid Luster is a fluid weightless rinse off treatment. It instantly gives extra shine, silkiness and extreme softness to the hair, for a glass-like finish. Key Claims: - 6X shinier hair* - 3.5X silkier hair** - Extreme softness*** - Hair is not weighed down - Instant results from the first use - Super fast treatment, no processing time *Instrumental test on hair locks, hair shine increase, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster vs OI Shampoo only. **Instrumental combing test on hair locks, OI Shampoo + Liquid Luster vs OI Shampoo only. ***Self-evaluation of 63 volunteers worldwide. Key Ingredients: - Roucou oil: with protective and antioxidant actions, that help to reduce the damage by external aggressors. - Alpha-hydroxiacid from grape must: closes the hair cuticles and promote compactness therefore contributing to the extra shine effect. - Cardoon Oil: the cardoon extract is transformed into a biodegradable light oil that is able to promote shine and manageability to the hair, facilitating the distribution of the product. Suitable for all hair types.