Detox Drainant

Detox Drainant
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For a firmer body, Drainage Detox activates two interdependent mechanisms: the detoxification of filter organs and drainage of excess water. 1- FILTER ORGANS DETOX Orthosiphon extract contributes to optimal liver and bile function Dandelion and chicory help support detoxification mechanisms Turmeric with the liver expulsion of lipids 2- EXCESS WATER DRAINAGE Fennel seed extract helps boost the kidney’s digestive properties Busserole leaf helps with urinary tract digestion Pilosella and gentian extracts help tone the body D-LAB cares about you and integrates into each of its formulas specific active ingredients that help preserve the body day in and day out. Powerful antioxidants from orthosiphon, dandelion and gentian extracts combat oxidative stress, responsible for cellular aging Thermal salts from Vichy water, an exclusive ingredient that naturally contains potassium, magnesium and calcium to deeply remineralize the body Dandelion has prebiotic properties that help protect the digestive system Curcumin-rich turmeric extract preserves the liver’s (head of the filter organs) health