Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Enzyme Peeling 75Ml

Dr Irena Eris Cleanology Enzyme Peeling 75Ml
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Product details
Categories: Vitamins,B Vitamins
Brand: Dr Irena Eris

Enzyme Peeling is recommended for cleansing and gentle exfoliating for dry, delicate and sensitive skins. Thanks to the papain enzyme the peeling effectively (82%) removes dead skin cells without any need to rub on the skin, and leaves the complexion looking healthy and rejuvenated (93%). It makes the skin refreshed and soft to the touch (89%*). A unique blend of golden and blue algae extracts, high concentrations of B vitamins and highly hygroscopic molecules intensely regenerates the skin and leaves it smooth (93%) and supple. The peeling optimizes skin physiological processes and the penetration of active substances from skin care products deep into the skin. *The percentage of subjects who confirmed their skin improved in the course of an in vivo test conducted in the Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research.