Dr Nigma Cleanser No1 120Ml

Dr Nigma Cleanser No1 120Ml
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Product details
Brand: Dr Nigma

Dr. Nigma Cleanser No1 is a unique triple action foaming cleanser that extracts impurities, resurfaces, and hydrates all in one go. It treats and prepares the skin for enhanced absorptions of applications skin care ingredients. The zeolites from volcanic ash remove the dirt and impurities from the skin while the glycolic acid and white willow bark extract gently exfoliate, renew and resurface the skin. The hyssop, hyaluronic acid and chamomile flower extracts act as strong antioxidants, repairing, hydrating, and calming the skin. The unique patented Light Water Technology and the fermented mangosteen pre-biotic help keep the microbiota of the skin balanced and healthy. Marine collagen A daily oral administration of 2,5g fish collagen peptides) reduces facial wrinkles (Crow’s feet/ perioral wrinkles), improves significantly skin firmness, skin complexion homogeneity and skin radiance. These are the most recent results obtained from a clinical study conducted by CPCAD/ Hospital of Nice (France). Supports: collagen improvement in skin and leaky gut elasticity. Probiotics: supports balancing the gut microbiome benefits : increased absorption of vitamins and minerals, keeps out pathogenic organisms and reduces inflammatory skin conditions.